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    Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.27.59

    If you've been subscribed to me since the beginning of the year, you'll remember this epic vlog from my trip to Disney, Florida. I knew I'd have a great time with Rich but I had no idea I'd come back from such a short trip with a new group of very close friends. We bonded immediately and have kept in contact ever since.

    We've had this weekend reunion planned for so long and we were all so excited. The plan was, a weekend in Brighton having fun - that was basically it. No plans, just fun.

    We ate, we drank, we danced and we even shopped a bit. I hope you enjoy the vlog, it's makes me so happy being able to re-watch good memories!

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  • 06/17/15--23:00: WALKING THROUGH BRICK LANE
  • IMG_9270

    IMG_9218 IMG_9220IMG_9235IMG_9230IMG_9237IMG_9231IMG_9238IMG_9262IMG_9240 IMG_9242IMG_9249 IMG_9244 IMG_9245 IMG_9246 IMG_9247IMG_9254IMG_9270 IMG_9273 IMG_9274

    We found ourselves back in East London last weekend, it's something about the sunshine that makes me want to head to the nearest market and take photos! This time round we wanted to avoid eating lunch in a restaurant and we found ourselves in the Old Truman Brewery in the Boiler House Food Hall. The huge room was filled with food stalls from every different type of cuisine you can imagine. The atmosphere was amazing with music and amazing smells all around - it took us about 30 mins to decide what to eat! I was a little disappointed with the actual quality of the food though, it seemed that most of it was "take-away" style and wasn't very healthy. I would still recommend it for a visit though and the smoothie/juice stalls were incredible.

    Behind the food stalls in the same hall were also some art, style and accessory stalls and I found myself picking up these really cute rings. It was 1 for £8 or 2 for £15, so I got both and I love them! They were from a little brand called 'Nabi' which unfortunately I can't find online but they were exactly what I was looking for and I'm obsessed.

    The street art around Brick Lane is amazing and I could literally spend all day taking photos of the huge pieces of art on the brick walls. Some pieces have been there for years, some are fresh! If you're really lucky and go off-peak you might see one being created in front of you.

    My outfit for the day was pretty simple, an Urban Outfitters loose top paired with my Urban Outfitters floral shorts. The un-girlify it I wore my Steve Madden boots and my fringed Brandy Melville bag. My sunglasses are Ray Ban and my nail polish is Models Own Beach Bag.

    Just another weekend getting snappy in London...

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  • 06/18/15--23:00: Shop, Cook & Eat with Me
  • Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 18.44.08

    Although I am far from a good chef, I do love to eat and I feel like I've been lucky to grow up in a family that loves to try new food and eat proper, healthy, real food. I was surprised at the reaction when I posted an artichoke on Instagram, so I wanted to make a video showing a couple of my favourite Summer dishes. I love to make gazpacho soup and artichokes in the warmer months and both are so easy to do.

    This video is a mix of a vlog and a cooking video, so I really hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you try making either of them yourself!

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  • 06/19/15--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS 20.06.15
  • IMG_9286

    IMG_9286So how has everyone's week been? After coming back from Brighton last weekend I was pretty tired, but we had such a nice time. Did you see my vlog? I saw Jurassic world for the second time in two days! I absolutely loved it, so I would definitely recommend seeing it even if you're not into action films or dinosaurs - I'm not either. I saw it in 3D and also not in 3D, I'd always go for the latter... 3D hurts my eyes. I've been doing a bit of beauty shopping this week which I haven't really done in a while, so I can feel  beauty haul video coming on. Would you guys want one? This weekend we'll be celebrating my sister's birthday and sadly celebrating a big move across the world for my best friend. I'll also be seeing Louise do her thing on her Louise LIVE tour and I can't wait! I hope you all have a great weekend!    

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  • 06/20/15--23:00: ESSIE SUMMER 2015
  • IMG_0154

    IMG_0154We all know by now that I am an Essie hoarder. It's by far my favourite nail polish brand and I do get very excited when I see a new collection!

    The Summer 2015 collection is pretty wash a floral, beachy shades and I think apart from one I love them all. There are six shades in the collection and they are all fun and summery whilst still being very wearable.

    Peach Side Babe // A pretty sun-ripe peach.

    Saltwater Happy // A light, soft blue with a slight hint of lilac.

    Private Weekend // A white with silver shimmer running through.

    Chillato // A mix of lime and pistachio.

    Pret-a-Surfer // A marine blue with a hint of purple.

    Sunset Sneaks // A vibrant crimson, slightly coral red.

    I can't wait to try every shade, so far this week I have been wearing Chillato a lot and I love it because it's quite different to my usual blue nails! Which colour is your favourite?

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  • 06/21/15--23:00: MONTHLY MAKEUP ROUTINE: JUNE
  • Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 17.58.52

    Another month has gone by and today I'm sharing with you my monthly makeup routine for June. This month it's been all about fresh, glowy skin, bright eyes and a daytime red lip. Quite  a lot of products go into this look but adjust as you wish and I've recommended some drugstore alternatives along the way. I love this look so I hope you do too!

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  • 06/22/15--23:00: HOURGLASS POWDERS
  • IMG_0193

    IMG_0193 IMG_0194 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198When Hourglass first released their Ambient Lighting Powders I was first in line to pick my shade. I absolutely loved the idea of light-weight powders that each do a different job to enhance your complexion and I picked up Diffused Light, a gorgeous yellowy powder that softens your complexion. I use this powder almost every day to set my makeup but the other powders seemed a little too shimmery for me and I didn't feel they had a place in my makeup collection. The Ambient Lighting Palette came out and everyone went crazy, but I never like a hype and so I backed off and decided it wasn't for me. The palette has been out for a couple of years now and I have finally given into the hype.... just a bit late to jump on the bandwagon! Inside the Ambient Lighting Palette there are three powders, one of which is exclusive to the palette. Dim Light is a neutral peach beige that "blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion". Incandescent Light is the exclusive shade, it's an "opalescent pearl powder that brightens the complexion with a celestial glow". Finally Radiant Light which is a sun-kissed golden beige which adds a bit of warmth and summer glow to your complexion. This is still new to me but I'm excited to use the different powders and I think I'll get most use out of Radiant Light which is a beautiful shade. The Ambient Lighting Blushers came out later and they blew me away. The blushers are so unique, mixing pigment with their brilliant highlighting powders. Their blushes are far from flat, they leave a beautiful highlighting, multi-dimensional colour to the cheeks and the two shades I have are Mood Exposure and Diffused Heat. Mood Exposure if perfect for an everyday subtle contour and Diffused Heat is a pretty, quite bright summer blush. So what else? The newest launch from Hourglass is their Ambient Lighting Bronzer. I was really excited to hear that they'd added two bronzers to the ambient lighting family, Luminous Bronze Light and Radiant Bronze Light. Luminous is a medium tan and Radiant is a warm bronze but I find both to be very dark! I have Luminous Bronze Light but it is quite a dirty brown so it's difficult for me to use. The formula is lovely and radiant just like the other products so if a lighter shade comes out, I'll be the first to buy it! Have you tried anything from Hourglass' Ambient Lighting family? I'm clearly a huge fan!

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    Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.31.09

    So many emotions in one little vlog. Well I say it's little, this one is actually 18 minutes long so I hope you can make it all the way through! I was lucky enough to see Louise do her live show and I was blown away with how incredible it was. I also helped my sister prep for her party and then celebrated father's day the following day.

    I hope you enjoy this vlog - it's a long one so grab a cup of tea!


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  • 06/24/15--23:00: THE DENIM JACKET
  • IMG_0202

    IMG_0202 IMG_0203Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 18.28.56They say if you took part in the trend first time round then you shouldn't try it again, but I'm going to be honest, I'm kind of loving this 90s revival. Denim jackets were big when I was a young teen, although I definitely wore them wrong. Dark denim, fitted, sleeves down with matching flared jeans... Not a good look. Denim jackets are back in but this time round I feel like I know how to wear it to suit me.

    I searched high and low for the perfect denim jacket looking in all the highstreet stores but they all just didn't fit right. I also tried the vintage Levi's jackets in charity stores but the arms were too baggy for my skinny arms, it looked weird. I eventually found this one in Topshop and it's the perfect shade of denim and a great fit. The 12 was too true to size as I wanted it a bit oversized so after hunting around for the right size I ended up with a 14 tallAlthough I am actually quite tall I wasn't looking for that specific size it just seems this jacket in a size 14 regular is really popular.

    So how do I like to wear it? Sleeves rolled up, thrown over a floral summer dress or shorts and tee. I also think it can be paired with black jeans and a grey tshirt for that laid back New York style. It makes such a nice change to a black leather jacket which I seem to wear all the time!

    This jacket is available at Topshop for £38 but you can also find vintage Levi denim jackets in most vintage stores or markets. What do you think of the denim jacket revival?

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    I seem to have my beauty mojo back and after quite a while of feeling not that interested in new beauty stuff I had the sudden urge to buy some new, pretty things. It's probably the change of season, the excitement of summer makeup.... something like that.

    I picked up quite a few things from Space NK and Cult Beauty so I threw it all together in one video to show you. I hope you like rummaging through my shopping bags!


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  • 06/26/15--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS 27.06.15
  • Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 13.38.59

    Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 13.38.59As you read this I am on my way to the south of France, my second home as I like to call it. I spent all my school holidays growing up in the south of France and most of my childhood memories are there so I look forward to going back every time. I know the area I'm visiting like I know my own home area and the people in the shops, the beaches... it just feels like home. I'm only going for a few days but I can't wait to get some sunshine, eat some delicious French food and relax, just a little bit! I will be vlogging the trip as I've never clogged there before and I want to show you guys around. This still was taken from a packing video I've filmed to go up next week!

    Did you see this Instagram of some new sandals I bought this week? I'm completely obsessed. I tried them on in Office, fell in love but then couldn't decide on a colour so I got both! Very un-me thing to do. I though the black pair would be nice for smarter days or in the evening and the nude pair are really classy and casual - especially with tanned feet! Which colour do you prefer? They have a tiny wedge and an elasticated strap so they are so comfy to wear!

    So by now I should be in France and when I get there I am heading straight for the beach. I'll have two vlogs up this week on Tuesday and Thursday so I hope you like them. Have a great weekend!

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  • 06/27/15--23:00: BOURJOIS PALM PEACH
  • IMG_0274

    IMG_0274I've been trying quite a few different nail shades this week, unable to settle on just one. My most recent experiment was with Bourjois' new shade Palm Peach which, as the name suggests, is a soft peach.

    It's a really pretty colour for Summer, but as you can see, it's so pale that it kind of makes my hands look dirty. To be fair, I was wearing a blue polish prior to painting them peach and that's never a good idea. With a decent manicure I think this shade would be lovely for the warmer months.

    I love that the peachy tones are creeping back in! What do you think of this nail polish shade?

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  • 06/28/15--23:00: JUNE FAVOURITES
  • Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 14.23.41

    Seriously though, where has this month gone?!

    It's time for me to talk through all my favourite products from the month and as well as beauty I've thrown in a bit of food and lifestyle too! I love watching monthly favourite videos so please let me know whose videos you love to watch as I'd like to discover some new channels I don't already watch.

    Have a good week!

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  • 06/29/15--23:00: THE IN-SHOWER TAN VERDICT
  • IMG_0275

    IMG_0275Every now and again a product is released that makes the beauty industry go wild with excitement. This time round it's the St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower and I'm not going to lie, when I saw this I definitely raised an eyebrow.

    So how does it work? You have a shower, cleanse your skin as normal, turn the shower off and apply the slightly foamy gel to your skin in circular motions. You have to attempt to cover all of the skin and leave your hands and feet until last. Then you rinse your hands and wait 3 minutes before washing it all off your skin. Over the next 24 hours the tan develops and leaves you with a natural sun kissed tan. The tube contains 200ml of product and costs £14.50.

    So first of all let me talk about the cons of this product, because in my opinion there are quite a few. When using this, my first problem came when I attempted to rinse the product off my hands. In my shower it is impossible to turn the shower on without getting your body wet, so there I am creeping out the shower towards the sink... I'm dripping wet, pretty cold and it's all a bit of a mess. Once I'm back in the shower I'm faced with a timing problem. When is 3 minutes up? If, like me, you don't have a clock in your bathroom the only way to know when 3 minutes is up is to attempt to sing a whole song (they're usually 3 minutes long right?) or count? Either way I was standing in my shower, cold and bored... it wasn't the most enjoyable. St Tropez recommend doing a hair mask or brushing your teeth (!?) in this time, so I did a hair mask.... but it didn't take me 3 minutes to apply. The gel is very slippery so I made sure not to move and break my neck in the shower, I spent most of the 3 minutes attempting to get that bit of my back that I can never seem to do by myself.

    So the application for me was not at all easy and actually quite stressful. I found that it did develop and I was left with a nice natural, streak-free tan but natural is definitely the right word. The Kate Moss marketing image is quite misleading and for all the stress I'm not sure it's a good enough tan to show off. If you're very pale and scared of fake tan then yes, this might be perfect for you, but I found it was a bit too subtle on my slightly olive toned skin.

    Streak-free? Yes. Natural? Yes. Easy to apply? Not so much.

    I've had so many questions about this product so I hope this answers some of them! Have you tried the in-shower tan yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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  • 06/30/15--23:00: A QUICK BEACH BREAK
  • Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 21.44.07

    I'm sure you've noticed from the change on my Instagram feed, I've been away for a few days. I popped to the south of France with my parents are Rich to get a quick fix of sun, beach and yummy food.

    know I was supposed to relax but I really wanted to vlog and share my experience with you all. I hope you enjoy this very long vlog, there will be another one on Thursday!

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    IMG_0284I have this strange fascination with makeup sprays and I don't know what it is! When a new one is released I can't help but buy it and despite never really knowing if they work, I love using them.

    I have a mix of sprays here that all aim to do different things. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir which was once named Victoria Beckham's skin saviour is more of a skincare pick me up. It's a plant based, infused water that treats and refreshes the skin. It's also supposed to set makeup but for me it's too wet for that, I prefer to use this on bare skin as a treatment. It smells great and the spritzer gives the most perfect light mist of product. The Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray is a "thirsty skin relief" which helps to rehydrate the skin without adding any extra oil. This one I like to use before doing my makeup for added moisture and throughout the day if it's sitting on my desk. The spray on this is a bit more intense but still gives a light mist and is scent-free in true Clinique style.

    The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is my favourite for setting makeup. This one is also oil-free and paraben free but applied to a finished makeup look it sets everything in place and works particularly well in the summer. I also find that if you over do your makeup and things are looking too powdery, this spray helps to mesh it all into the skin and give a more natural look to your makeup. Finally, the most recent addition to my collection, the Smashbox Primer Water. This one intrigued me as it claims to do all three things, prime the skin before makeup, set it in place and refresh throughout the day. This one is the most 'wet' feeling of all the sprays so I personally don't like to use it as a setting spray because I find it disrupts the makeup. As a refresher it's also a bit much but I do like it as a primer. I usually use some kind of moisturiser or primer before I do my makeup anyway, so on days where I don't want extra products worked into the skin, this is a nice alternative.

    They're all quite different although you definitely don't need all four. My first choice would be the Urban Decay All Nighter as a setting spray, but I do like them all so it's about picking what works best for your routine. Have you tried any makeup sprays? What do you think?

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  • 07/02/15--23:00: GETTING A PERMANENT BLOW DRY
  • Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 21.10.12


    Two vlogs in one week?! What's going on! In this vlog I show our last day in France and returning to London. I also get a permanent blow dry which I will review on this blog asap, but for now you can see it in action in this video.

    I hope you like it!

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  • 07/03/15--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS 04.07.15
  • IMG_9310


    As I'm sure you've seen from my Instagram page and YouTube channel, I've been away this week in France. I only went for four days but it felt much longer and it was such a nice break. The weather, the smells, the food, the sounds... it's all so nostalgic to me and I love it.

    On my return I went straight to Hershesons salon for a permanent blow dry. I used to get these every year but it's been a while since I had one so I was really excited. The process isn't the most enjoyable but the results are so worth it. I have a full review coming next week for you guys!

    I also attended Louise's book launch this week, which was really exciting! I love seeing fellow YouTubers doing cool stuff and I think it's so important to support each other. If you're interested in Louise's book, you can find it here.

    It's finally the weekend and time to unwind and celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary!! Can you believe it - more than a life sentence!! ha. I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you tomorrow with a brand new video.


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  • 07/04/15--23:00: REVLON GEL ENVY BLUES
  • Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 18.07.25

    Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 18.07.25Before I went away Anna and I spent the day in the Revlon Colour Studio and although this post isn't part of the work I did with them, I wanted to share the photo we took for this week's nail post.

    We were lucky enough to have our nails done and we both went for a blue. I chose Full House which is a gorgeous bright sky blue and Anna chose Wild Card which is a bright royal blue. I really like the gel formula and it lasted throughout my trip to France without chipping at all. They also used the Gel Envy topcoat which alongside Seche Vite is my favourite top coat.

    I think it's all about the blues this Summer and I'm loving the pop of colour both in my wardrobe and on my nails. So these polishes are my pick of the week and these two shades in particular are gorgeous!


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    Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 14.24.48

    Just before I went away I filmed a quick video showing you inside my travel cosmetics bag. I personally love to have a snoop inside people suitcases, so I thought you might like to as well! In this video I show you the makeup, skincare and body products that I took away with me. If there are any other travel videos you'd like me to film before my next trip, please let me know!


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