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    Welcome to a new monthly feature - the monthly makeup routine. Well, that's if you all approve? 

    I do "makeup tutorials" every now and again but they're usually just the makeup look I enjoy wearing at the time. So I thought I'd try and update you monthly on the makeup look I'm loving, whether it's a look worn in a previous video or something completely new. 

    Let me know what you think of this video and whether you want to see them every month? I really enjoyed filming this one so I hope you enjoy watching it. 

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  • 01/23/15--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    NARS have recently released a new foundation which is good news as I'm already a big fan of the Sheer Glow and the tinted moisturiser! It's called the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation which is a bit of a mouthful but at least it says it how it is! Finally NARS have a foundation that comes with a pump and doesn't need to be purchased separately and this was the fist thing I noticed. I'm still giving it a trial run so I'll let you know how I get on but first impressions are: it's not quite as 'weightless' as I expected, it actually gives quite a heavy coverage, it has a very runny formula and sits somewhere between a traditional liquid foundation and an oil based foundation. 

    LIFE //
    Rich and I have recently got into a new TV series that's currently only available on Amazon Prime. It's called Transparent and is about an LA family "with serious boundary issues who have their past and future unravel when a dramatic admission causes everyone's secrets to spill out". It's really easy to get into as everything starts to happen right from the first episode. It's hilarious, touching and Jeffrey Tambor is brilliant as the transgender father. I'd definitely recommend it although not if you're under 16 or you're watching it with a parent... #awkward. 

    EATS //
    Remember in my Wear Life Eats post a couple of weeks ago I told you about my friends and I having a new year's resolution to try a different cuisine every month, well this week was our first dinner date! We went to Lalibela Ehtiopian in Tufnell Park and we all really enjoyed it. The food (and atmosphere!) was really interesting and I enjoyed experiencing a new type of cuisine. The food which is a lot of sauces and stews is served on and with Injera which is a sour quite rubbery bread. You wrap the food up in the bread and the sour taste works nicely with the slightly spicy flavours in the food. We had a great night that also ended with a traditional coffee ceremony (and popcorn!). I vlogged the evening so look out for that on Tuesday. Next month we are going to try food from Afghanistan so we're on the hunt for another great London restaurant if you know any? I'm loving this New Year's Resolution so far! 

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  • 01/24/15--23:00: MODELS OWN COLOUR CHROME

  • On 29th January Model's Own are launching their liquid metal colour chrome collection. They'll be £4.99 each and available in 10 shades. 

    I'm not usually one for metallic nails and the majority of these shades are not for me, but I tried out the gold and I kind of love it... You only need one coat of polish for that liquid metal effect and it really does feel like you're painting your nails with liquid gold. 

    I was really impressed with the quality of these polishes and if you like metallic nails, these will be right up your street. 

    Are you a fan of the liquid metal nail look? 

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    It's been a while since I gave you a tour of my makeup collection. Not much has changed but I've really defined it into two sections - daily makeup and 'spare' makeup. I'm happy with my storage and layout for now although these things always change as my priorities change. 

    Watch the to video to find out how I store everything and have a talk through all the makeup I have. I hope you enjoy have a nosey round! 

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    As I'm sure you're all aware by now, I'm a huge fan of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers. I like the powders but I LOVE the blushers. Milani in the states does some great baked highlighter/blush hybrids but it's been difficult to find an affordable alternative here in the UK. 

    The new Max Factor Creme Puff Blushers come in six shades and are only £8.99 compared to Hourglass'£28 price tag. They work in a similar way, baked with multi-tonal pigments to illuminate and liven up the skin. There are a few shades that really are Hourglass dupes but also some other nice shades that work for darker skin tones too. I really like the small puff packaging, it's simple, lightweight and does the job. 

    These sort of blushers are really easy to wear and blend onto your cheekbones and the subtle highlight that swirls through means that wearing this alone without an extra highlight works really well and helps lift the whole makeup look. 

    These will be popping up in stores this month and I just know they're going to go down really well. Max Factor, you did good... 

    Lovely Pink - Fair
    Nude Mauve - Fair/Medium
    Seductive Pink - Fair/Medium
    Lavish Mauve - Fair/Medium
    Alluring Rose - Fair/Medium
    Gorgeous Berries - Dark 

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    Tomorrow I'm off to Florida for a few days and I am SO excited. I can't wait for Rich to experience Disney for the first time and I can't lie, purchasing some Minnie Mouse ears is high on my priority list (as well as hunting down the nearest Sephora, of course). The excitement levels are high but as usual with travelling comes anxiety... I-hate-flying.

    I find it quite helpful though to plan out my packing list quite early on, so I thought I'd run through some of my long-haul flight essentials that help make the whole experience a lot easier to deal with. 

    On an aeroplane is about the only place I use  face wipes because they are completely fuss free. I don't take my makeup off on flights under 6 hours but if it's longer or over night then I don't like to sit with foundation or SPF on my skin. Face wipes are quite drying though so I usually like to take something moisturising with to layer onto my skin throughout the flight. I once got a Sarah Chapman travel sized overnight facial oil in a set and this comes in so handy on a flight. The oil is super moisturising and I actually prefer it to a cream. My hands get really dry on a plane too so I always like to keep a travel sized hand cream with me to apply throughout the flight. To some of you, this all might seem a bit crazy but aside from it helping my skin it's something nice to do to distract me from being on a plane and I love the routine. 

    I get seriously bored on long flights and I try really hard not to look at my watch! I usually take my laptop with me either to watch films on or to do some work (although I find my brain goes a bit crazy in the air and blog posts never make any sense once read back). Magazines are essential for take off, I never read them but flicking through the pages is a great distraction for me. My fully charged phone (with music on) and noise cancelling headphones are always packed, as well as a headphone splitter for watching films with Rich (or Anna usually). Depending on the holiday I sometimes take a book but I don't think there will be much time for reading on this trip! 

    I'm already nervous about feeling nervous - that's not good. But there are a few things that I know will help me so I always keep them near by. I'm never sure if travel sickness pillsactually work or it's all in my mind, but the act of taking them help me prep for a flight 20 mins before. Chewing gum helps me feel fresh when I'm feeling sick as does water and grapes (random I know!). I also like having nice smelly things around to distract from the smell of plane food, the This Works Stress Less Rollerball is perfect for rolling on my wrists and behind my ears. 

    Comfort is incredibly important to me when travelling, despite how awful I may look. Never jeans, always something stretchy and a loose baggy jumper is a good idea when the aircon is on high! I wear flight socks on long-haul flights so I like to take some thick cosy socks to wear on top of them. A huge scarf is handy too because it'll keep you warm and act as a pillow! 

    So when I'm quietly freaking out inside pre-flight at least I know that I've got everything I need in my oversized handbag. Being organised definitely helps me with my nerves! Do you have any long-haul flight essentials? Please share if you do! 

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    Long haul flight prep - tick. Ready for another weekly vlog? This week my friends and I started our new year's resolution and Anna and I prep for Beauty Chat Live! Enjoy! 

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  • 01/28/15--23:00: REUNITED WITH GEL EYELINER

  • Back in my Uni days I would wear eyeliner a lot. Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliners to be specific. It was a luxury I'd allow myself to splurge on and I'd screw on the lid extra tight every time to make sure it didn't dry out. I remember using up all of the product until the pot of black liner was completely empty... 

    I stopped using gel eyeliners years ago though, mainly out of laziness. When felt tip liquid eyeliners became a thing I found no need for a little brush and pot, so I switched and never went back. For brown liner I used pencil and for black I'd use an eyeliner pen. 

    I recently mentioned this makeup tutorial and since then I had the urge to repurchase a Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. This time though instead of black I chose Sepia Ink, a deep brown.   Yes it takes more time and yes it's more fiddly, but if you enjoy spending time doing your makeup it's actually quite enjoyable. I feel like you can experiment more with the shape of your line and you can also create a softer finish, especially when you smudge eye shadow on top. You don't have to compromise when it comes to lasting power though, the gel formula lasts really well. 

    It's a nice option if you find liquid liner too intense but pencil not quite defined enough. Give it a try - I reckon it's a bit like Marmite, you'll either love it or hate it. This old and slightly out of focused Lisa Eldridge video should help you with tips on how to get started! Hopefully I'll have a tutorial up soon to show you how I use gel liner on myself. 

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  • 01/29/15--23:00: TOP 5 RED LIPSTICKS

  • As a self confessed red lip fanatic I was surprised when I realised that I've never filmed a top 5 red lipstick video. The fact that I had to google "Lily Pebbles Top 5 Red Lipsticks" to find out means I've probably been blogging for too long...

    It wasn't that hard to pick five and I'm sure my picks won't surprise you, but I wanted to put them all in one easy video for you to watch. I hope you enjoy my red lip ramblings, swatches and all. 

    So what are your top 5 red lipsticks? 

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  • 01/31/15--23:00: MINNIE NAILS

  • How predictable am I?! 

    A weekend at Disney meant that red and white spotty nails were completely essential. I did these before I left using the Bourjois nail dotting tool, a Topshop red and a Models Own white nail polish. 

    Dots are so easy to do and look so impressive! If you get the pattern right they can really look like stick on nails. I like to use quite a small dot and do a row of two or three with the next line of dots in between the last... if that makes sense? 

    Red and white polka dot will always look cute, but I'll let you know if Minnie herself was impressed! 

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  • 02/01/15--05:00: JANUARY FAVOURITES 2015

  • Happy 1st of Feb! I'm pretty glad to see January go, it's definitely my least favourite month of the year and I'm sure I'm not alone on that. 

    This month, like every, I sat down to talk through my favourite products from the month. I love filming these videos and this month was no different. I hope you enjoy watching it and let me know what some of your favourites have been this month by commenting on this post - I'd love to know! 

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  • 02/01/15--23:00: BUDGET NEUTRAL PALETTES

  • When L'Oreal released their'La Palette Nude' the budget nude game was instantly on and since then a few brands have followed with their nude offerings... Everyone loves a good nude palette and the more the merrier I say! The L'Oreal palette isn't cheap though at around £15 so it's nice to see some under £10 options. 

    Model's Own and Collection have both brought out some new palettes that I think will go down really well. Model's Own, the pricier option is £8 and is the 'nude' to it's 'smokey' sister. Inside you get six shades, one matte highlight, one light shimmer, a medium taupe, a gorgeous copper shimmer and two quite deep smokey browns. The shadows are great quality, really intense and the packaging is substantial using airtight pots to keep the shadows in creamy condition. 

    Collection have three new palettes out, a nude, a nude bronze and a grey - my favourite being the Nude Bronze. These palettes are just £3.99 (!!!) and also come with six shades. The packaging is not as good in it's lightweight cardboard but the product inside is brilliant. There's only one too light to use shade and all the others are really wearable. This palette reminds me of the Naked 1, especially the half baked dupe in the middle. The shadows are so pigmented that I actually have to take some product off on the back of my hand before applying.  

    My favourite out of the two is the one by Collection, I think they've done an amazing job for such an affordable price. So if you're after a neutral palette try your local 'drugstore' first - you may be surprised!  

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  • 02/02/15--23:00: HOW NOT TO OVERPACK

  • Ok, confession time - I am the queen of overpacking. I would love to be a professional packer and I am getting better, I promise, but I'm not quite a pro yet. So this post is really for myself but maybe it will help some of you with your packing woes too...

    The first thing I usually do, especially when going somewhere new for the first time, is research the weather at that specific time of year. Once you know the sort of weather to expect you can plan your outfits. It's hard but if you try and think in outfits rather than separate pieces you're less likely to pack things that won't get worn. Lay them out on the floor or try them on but trust me, it makes packing much easier. 

    Getting everything out of your head and onto paper seriously brings the stress levels down. Make your own list or borrow Anna's, but either way write it all down. If you lay everything out before putting in the case you'll clearly see what you're packing and be less likely to throw extra bits in last minute. I don't tend to write lists as much for beauty but for clothes, accessories, shoes and bags it's a life saver. For beauty I tend to just pick out enough makeup bits for one look and stick to that with a couple of eye and lip options. 

    So obvious but so important - pack the minis! I collect miniature beauty products every time I get a gift with purchase or a tester and they come in so handy when travelling. If you don't have a mini then decant your favourite products into small pots and bottles, there's just no need to take the full sized products. 

    These are just a few small steps you can take to prevent overpacking, although knowing me I still will. I'm just always so worried about not having options! Do you have tips for not overpacking? I'm all ears. 

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    If you haven't already noticed (sorry for all the Instagram photos!) I spent the weekend in Walt Disney World! I had the best time and made some amazing friends. I've linked all the people in this vlog below the video so definitely go and check out their channels. 

    We stayed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge which was incredible and visited the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. We also visited some of the other resorts and they were all so wonderful. It's too hard to put into words so I'll have a photo diary post coming up but for now have a watch and see for yourself - we had a magical time! 

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  • 02/04/15--23:00: HOW TO WEAR A NUDE LIP

  • Tonight's video is going to be my top 5 nude lipsticks and so to go alongside it and to possibly prep you for a nude lip haul, I thought I'd give you my top tips for wearing a nude lip. 

    BRONZE UP //
    I always find it a little less woah when I have a slight tan. I usually take my bronzer right over my cheeks and nose for a sun kissed look and it helps to stop me looking washed out once I apply a nude lipstick. 

    SMOKE IT //
    A deep smokey eye goes perfectly with a nude lip so don't be afraid to overdo it in the eyeshadow department. Apply a rich chocolate brown liner to your upper lash line and smudge it out - they'll go together perfectly! 

    PAT & GLOSS //
    Matte nudes are hard to wear so I'd recommend going for something creamy. I always find it helps to pat the colour into your lips after applying for a more subtle look. Another way to wear nude is to apply a nude gloss on top and it lifts the whole look, especially if you use a gloss with slight gold shimmer in. 

    LINE & DEFINE //
    If you have thinner lips or not much of a cupid's bow (like me) then you may want to start with a nude lip liner. Something like the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat allows you to draw and shape your lips with a beautiful matte skin toned liner. You can then apply your creamy lipstick or gloss on top without loosing the perfected shape of your lips. 

    Finding your perfect nude lip is great and will come in so handy when you wear a smokey eye. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect nude but you'll see my current top 5 in tonight's video. How do you like to wear a nude lip?

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  • 02/05/15--23:00: TOP 5 NUDE LIPSTICKS

  • As promised last week in my Top 5 Red Lipsticks video, here's a look at my top 5 nude. As mentioned in the video I did cheat a bit... I don't really wear traditional nude lipsticks, my kind of nude is an everyday, easy to wear, "my lips but better" pink. 

    It wasn't hard to pick a top 5 and I'm sure you would have already guessed which ones I've picked! I hope you enjoy the video and let me know what your top nude lipstick picks are.

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  • 02/06/15--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS 7.2.15

  • As you may have seen on my Facebook page, I've decided to give my Wear Life Eats post a little makeover. There isn't always a new restaurant or a new clothing item to talk about so to make things a little more casual (it is Saturday after all). I'll be making these posts more of a Saturday dear diary entry. The idea is to update you on anything and everything once a week and I'll be keeping it very casual. 

    So what have I been up to this week? Well, I got back from Florida on Monday morning and on Tuesday we kicked off our #BeautyChatLIVE tour. But before all of that Anna and I visited the Margaret Dabbs Clinic in central London. I was treated to a medical pedicure which I had never tried before (and was a little nervous if I'm honest). It was really interesting and the treatment sat somewhere between a visit to the salon and to the chiropodist. The lovely Helen sorted out my feet and dodgy toes and it's definitely something I'd consider doing once a year. She gave me some great advice and the whole experience was very pleasant. They really know their stuff and we were lucky enough to bump into Margaret Dabbs who was just leaving as we arrived! 

    Disney happened as you would have seen here and then I was off on the Beauty Chat tour. We had no idea what to expect and I couldn't possibly describe it in one word. Let's try five... Incredible, tiring, inspiring, fun and wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came to Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow we had the best time meeting so many of you. For those of you who couldn't make it, I did vlog so look out for that on Tuesday! 

    After all the travelling my dark circles are darker and my inbox is more full than ever before but it was totally worth it! I'm already looking forward to part two of the tour. 

    I hope you all have a great weekend and I'm excited for tomorrow's video so I hope you all love it too.

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  • 02/07/15--23:00: VALENTINE'S NAILS

  • I wanted to do Valentine's nails for this week's post ahead of 14th Feb. I don't actually celebrate the day in any way but you know how I feel about my nails and I love to dress them up for any occasion! 

    Red hearts seemed too obvious so after a bit of playing around I settled on a purple and pink pastel look. For the nail colour I alternated between Nails Inc Alexa Cashmere and Models Own Lilac Sheen Hyper Gel. Alexa Cashmere is a pearlescent soft pink and Lilac Sheen is an opaque pastel purple. On the purple nails I drew a tiny pink heart using a Bourjois dotting tool and the Colour Club purple nail lacquer. 

    When doing the heart try not to physically draw a heart like you would with a pen, instead use 4 dots to define the edge and fill in with smaller dots (like dot to dot!). 

    It think the design is cute, fun and perfect for V-Day! What do you think? Will you give them a go?  

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    This week's Sunday video is a Get Ready with Me from a couple of weeks ago. I stayed in a  gorgeous hotel, took my time to get ready, got all dressed up and had a fun night out in London. 

    I use some recent favourite makeup bits in this and show off my new-ish Whistles clutch bag (and what's inside!) so I hope you enjoy it and have a lovely, relaxing Sunday! 

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  • 02/08/15--23:00: LOVED UP LUSH

  • During Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's is when I think LUSH really becomes magical. They do have some permanent products that I'll always enjoy, but the limited edition collections are so exciting and fun to shop. 

    This Valentines collection is no exception and includes 9 limited edition products, 6 of which are brand new to LUSH. So what's new? Cupid's Love Soap is a fruity soap filled with fresh figs and passion fruit (yum!) and Heart Throb bubbleroon will turn your bath bright red and soften your skin with the essential oils and shea butter. The Lonely Heart bubble bar (nice Beatles reference there) leaves the bath full of shimmering red bubbles scented with lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang to lift your spirits. The Unicorn Horn is the cutest looking bubble bar, multi coloured, neroli and lavender scented and there are some surprise twinkly stars in there too! The Floating Flower bath bomb is also new, it's a multi layered bath bomb with multiple colours and a calming scent and the Kiss Lip Scrub is a red caster sugar scrub filled with edible red hearts and hundreds and thousands. 

    As well as these new products there is the Kiss Lip Gloss, the Prince Charming shower gel and the Love Locket bath bomb, which is very sweet pink heart with a gold lock. 

    So if you're wanting to treat yourself this Valentine's Day or you're planning on giving a hefty hint to your other half, it's worth checking out LUSH's V-Day collection, there are some great bits to try out! 

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