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Mascara application is definitely one of the most personal things when it comes to makeup. Everyone has their different way of doing it and I love hearing how they all differ. Here are a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way…

Curl those lashes // 
Even if you're lucky enough to have naturally curly lashes, a good eyelash curler should still be an essential item in your makeup bag. My all-time favourite ones are from Shu Uemura and I simply hold them in place for a few seconds before applying my mascara. If your lashes are really straight, hold them there for a bit longer. If you're feeling brave (please be careful!) you can heat them up slightly with a hair dryer before using them. Just like hair tools would, this will help keep the curl in place for longer. For a less risky alternative, Japonesque do heated eyelash curlers which work really well. 

Do the wiggle // 
I find using the wand to get into the root of the lashes really helps to lengthen them. I wiggle the wand from side to side, slowly working up towards to tip of the lashes. Amelia says she's all about the double-dip, making sure the wand is fully coated when she applies mascara to the tip of the lashes. 

Comb & de-clump //
Often on the other end of a spoolie, you'll find a small comb and these are great for using on your lashes. Both Anna and I both like to use these either to give the lashes a more natural look or to de-clump if you go a bit over the top. 

Wing it out // 
Using the tip of the wand for the inner or outer lashes is a really great way to open up your eyes and make your lashes look longer. Take your time to slowly reach the individual lashes on the edge. 

So what are your mascara application habits and tips? 


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