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I have a small lip liner collection somewhere in my ridiculous lipstick drawer but I hardly ever use them! I thought it was time to address this, give them another go and finally decide what the deal is with lip liners…

Pros //
You can use lip liners to achieve a slightly different lip shape so if, like me, you don't have much of a defined cupids bow, you can draw one in. Liners also help you when it comes to applying lipstick as it's much harder to get a precise line around the edge with a larger lipstick bullet. They can also make your lipstick last longer as it has something to grip onto a bit like a lip primer. 

Cons //
It's another step and sometimes you just want to speed things up. If you don't get the exact shade to match your lipstick you can end up looking a bit old fashioned. It's easy to get carried away and end up with a completely different lip shape to what naturally suits you. 

Application tips //
Relax and hold the lip liner like a pencil, lean your hand on your chin and look in the mirror. Follow your natural lip line at first and then adjust where you'd like more definition. Once you've drawn a line around the edge, fill in the lips a bit too so that when your lipstick wears off you're not left with a line around your lips. Make sure your pencil is really sharp for the first bit so you don't get a smudged line. 

Verdict // 
Why do I not use lip liner more regularly?! Even if it's an invisible liner, it makes all the difference and takes all the stress out of wearing a bold lip. I'm definitely going to be making an effort to use lip liner every time I wear a strong lipstick colour in the future. 

My Favourites //

Do you usually skip the lip liner step or do you swear by it? 

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