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My week in photos for the 95th time. Highlights this week included getting a new phone, visiting the new Kiko store on Regent Street and spending the day in Portobello with my best friend. 

London Hot Spot // I haven't actually been yet, but I've had my eye on BRGR.CO having walked past it a few times this week. Yet another London burger place I have to try. I'll report back stat! 

Stand Out Product // The John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner has given me the softest hair for the past couple of week. A full review will be coming soon…

Lipstick organisation  |  Pizza East  |  Whistles Parka

Dreamy H&M Home  |  Gold  |  All the soldiers  

Jo Malone London Rain 2014  |  Caroline Gardner & Kate Spade  |  Tomorrow's WOMF

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Topshop offer some of best nail polish shades around, so I popped in to see what Winter colours are out this year and I came out with three that I love! 

Double Denim is a matte navy; it's elegant, chic and smart. I love navy nails anyway, but in matte? Even better. 

Rumours & Lies is the perfect berry; not too purple, not too pink. If you usually wear fuchsia nail polish in the warmer months, this is the darker winter polish for you! 

Bomber is described as a dark purple, which is usually something I'd steer away from. This one is kind of beautiful though and sits somewhere between Revlon Vixen and Essie Wicked. From afar it looks almost black but in the light the purple undertones really show though. 

So, which one is your favourite? 



This week I have been really enjoying using my Charlotte Tilbury brush for precision powder application and my new Kevyn Aucoin brush for the lower lash smudge. I'm still in love with the YSL foundation and can't use anything else but for something new I tried out the Lancôme L'Absolu Velours in shade '172'. It's a beautiful matte lip lacquer that's not as heavy as the Hourglass Rouge Opaque and not as wet as the Rimmel Apocalips. It left a pretty matte, velvety finish that felt comfortable to wear and lasted really well. I also used my new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, but check back tomorrow for a full review… 

YSL Youth Liberator Foundation B30 // Bobbi Brown Corrector 'Light Bisque' // NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer // Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer '5'// Soap & Glory Kick Ass Powder

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer // Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder // Zoeva 'Rush Rush' Blush  

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette // Maybelline The Falsies mascara 

Lancôme L'Absolu Velours '172'



First came the Naked 1 and I had to have it. It sold out fast and in the end I got mine from Sephora on a weekend trip to France… one for me, one for my sister and one for every single friend with a birthday approaching. The Naked 1 was incredible. 

Then came the Naked 2, but it came at a time when I was particularly happy with my Naked 1 and just didn't feel the need to buy it. Eventually about 6 months later I gave it a try and fell in love. The mix of cool and warm tones made it great for experimenting and I always seem to find a use for it. 

The Naked basics came soon after but this one definitely wasn't for me. I hardly ever use matte shades, especially not light whites, yellows or blacks so I gave this one a miss. 

So next up is the release of the Naked 3 and like all the palettes the hype and the excitement is building fast in the beauty community. It's release date in the UK is 16th December and is already available for pre-order here. I've been lucky to get my hands on one now to let you know my thoughts on it and how it compares to it's older, much loved siblings. 

Packaging // 
They stuck with the tin for this one as it went down so well with the Naked 2. I personally didn't mind the Naked 1 packaging but can understand why the tin is more practical and easier to keep clean. To differentiate 3 from 2, the tin is rose gold and looks kind of like ruched fabric. Apparently it is also so that you can feel the difference of the three if they were in your bag… find me someone who carries all 3 palettes around with them because I want to shake their hand. Like all the others, it comes with a large mirror and a double ended brush. 

Shade Selection //
The overall feel of the palette is definitely pink or "rose gold". I'd say there are 6 shades that are more pink and 5 that are more taupe. Although warm toned girls stereotypically find pinks and taupes hard to wear, the taupes are quite golden and brown making them slightly warmer. There are 4 glitter shadows, two of which are more glittery due to the micro-glitter in the formula. There are two pure mattes, one matte-satin and the rest are a mix of shimmer and satin. As always the quality is amazing and Urban Decay eyeshadows never disappoint. 

Verdict // 
I would personally struggle to use the left hand side of the palette and would definitely get more use out of the right hand side. The four shades 'Nooner', 'Liar', 'Factory' and 'Mugshot' are by far my favourites and I like the two darker shades as they have a plummy tone to them. I was disappointed with the glitter shades and don't feel like they'll get much use, but as an overall palette I think it appeals a lot of different people and skin tones. There seems to be something for everyone and I'm happy it's not just another neutral eyeshadow palette too similar to 1 and 2. Naked 3 has it's own identity and I can imagine it becoming a favourite for a lot of people. 

So get in there quick and either pre-order here or prepare to rush to stores on the 16th. The palette costs £37 and will no doubt be sold out straight away!

So what are your thoughts on the Naked 3? 



 Prepare your eyeballs for the most be-a-u-tiful palette I have ever seen. Too Faced have released the "A Few of my Favourite Things" palette for Christmas and it has everything you need from eyeshadows, bronzers, blushers and even includes a lip tint and mascara to add into your party clutch bag (also included).

It's pretty much a girl's dream and it's one of the best Christmas offerings I've seen this year. As you've probably noticed, most the products are named after memorable lines from the famous song from The Sound of Music. Some of the very cute shade names include 'whiskers on kittens', 'raindrops on roses' and 'woollen mittens'.

The flat and compact packaging opens up to reveal 20 eyeshadow shades with a mix of shimmers, glitters and mattes. There are a few wildcard party shades, but also lots of very wearable champagnes, golds and bronzes. Below the eyeshadows are two blushers; one pretty and pink, the other more of a muted apricot. There are also two bronzers, one which is very comparable to NARS Laguna, the other which is more of a golden, shimmery glow.

Alongside the palette is the full sized Colour Bomb Moisture Plumping lip Tint in 'Bee Sting' which is a wearable nude to pair with a heavy eyeshadow look. Also included is the 'Better Than Sex' mascara which didn't blow me away but would come in handy as a travel sized mascara.

I just can't stop staring at how beautiful this palette is and it would make the most amazing Christmas present for a beauty junkie. If you're just getting into makeup, the palette also comes with a handy guide for creating a few looks.

The palette is available exclusively at Debenhams now and is on sale from £48 to £43.20. Personally I think it's a great deal and would be the perfect addition to anyone's makeup collection.



Picking a red lipstick is unfortunately not as easy as "ooh that looks pretty, I'll have it". There are different shades of reds, with different undertones and it really makes such a difference to how it looks on. Some people split the shades into three categories, but I like to do it into four. I find red lipsticks are either true red, blue, pink or orange toned.

Some lucky people can wear any red lipstick they like, but others (like me) are restricted to which undertones suit their skin tone. My tip would be to just try it on! You'll know instantly if it suits you and take a photo of yourself to look at if you're not sure. I, for example, find that red lipsticks with blue undertones make my features look a lot darker so I end up with bushier eyebrows, paler skin and it's all a bit of a disaster. 

To give you some direction, I've broken it down into the four categories and listed who these shades might suit. There are always exceptions so don't rule out a shade until you try it! 

Blue Reds // 
You can spot a blue red when you swatch it on the back of your hand as it will have a slight blue tint, which therefore makes it a 'cool-toned' lipstick. These will typically make your teeth look white because of the contrast and they tend to suit those with pale, cool-toned skin. The classic red lip that you'd see on the red carpet is usually blue toned and it's probably the most famous.

Orange Reds // 
Orange based lipsticks are the ones that look fiery and a bit like a tomato. Orange is a warm shade, so therefore they suit those with warm toned skin. If you have yellow or olive in your skin, orangey reds will suit you and will help remove any sallowness in your skin. 

Pink Reds // 
There are different types of pink toned reds, some that would suit cool toned skin and some that better suit warm tones. I personally have quite warm toned skin and find that the raspberry pink reds suit me better and are easy to wear, but the brighter, neon pink reds have a similar effect to blue reds and are difficult to wear. 

True Reds // 
True reds are the neutrals that suit pretty much everyone and you can identify these if they have no visible blue or orange in the formula. True reds are a safe bed and can be found in  almost every brand. 

Remember, it's not that cool toned girls can't wear orange or warm toned girls can't wear blue, it'll just really stand out and pop which can also sometimes be a positive. If you feel self conscious in a red lip it's likely you're wearing the wrong shade for your skin tone. So try them on, see how you feel and go with what feels right. 

Good luck! 

ps. Check back this afternoon for a guide to red lips by formula… 



After all it's Christmas season, therefore red lip season so to carry on from my Five Christmas Reds and 50 Shades of Red posts I'm going to talk you through the different red lip formulas available. It's not the easiest look to wear so if you're not a huge fan of red lipstick there are plenty of other formulas to choose from that all give a different look. 

The Lipstick // 
We all know how this one goes; satin, matte, moisturising or sheer. It's the classic way of wearing a red lip, it's effective and easy.

The Lip Lacquer // 
Applies like a liquid, sets like a stain. Lip lacquers look bold on the lips and are really long lasting so I'd recommend them for a red lip lover. The doe-foot applicator makes precision application easy and the Rimmel Apocalips or Hourglass Opaque Rouge will both do the trick and come in great shades. 

The Lip Stain // 
Lip stains tend to be more sheer and give a just-bitten, fresh effect to the lips. They work well for a daytime look, during the summer or for any younger girls. The YSL Glossy Stains and L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash both work equally well to cover the lips in a subtle, long-lasting colour stain. 

The Lip Butter //
If you're already a big lip butter/balm fan this is the easiest transition into becoming a red lip wearer. They're moisturising, comfortable but also give a nice wash of colour to the lips. My favourites include the Revlon and Korres lip butters

The Matte Lip Crayon //
The matte lip crayon is bold like the lacquers so if you want something that wows this is the way to go! They're easy to apply, just like using a crayon and the matte/velvet formula helps it to last on the lips. My favourites are the NARS Velvet lip crayons the Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick Pencils, which are slightly glossier but work just the same. 

The Lip Liner //
You can wear a lip liner all over for intense colour and a long lasting finish, but for more tips on lip liner check out this recent post

The Liquid Balm // 
It's something that's quite hard to find, but this one from Almay has come in so handy for when I want a red tint with a slight glossy finish but nothing too bold. I use this instead of lip gloss, but a red gloss would also come in handy for layering over lipstick. 

The Chubby Stick // 
The chubby stick is the perfect red lip for your handbag. They're moisturising, easy to apply and you can choose from a range of different formulas. Clinique offers their Chubby Intense for a bold colour finish and their original Chubby for a moisturising balm finish. Revlon and Bourjois also offer chubby lip balms in quite a wide selection of shades. 

So don't write off red lips too quickly, there are many options to try! 



When it comes to haircare the majority of my products seem to be high end. My hair usually requires the really intense, luxurious formulas but occasionally I come across an affordable gem that lives up to my higher end hair products. 

The John Frieda Full Repair Hydrate + Rescue Deep Conditioner is all I have used in the last month! I use it as a conditioner/mask hybrid by applying it onto my shampooed hair and leaving it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out. When washing it out you can instantly feel a difference in the texture of your hair. It makes my hair incredibly soft and easier to brush after washing. Usually with these 'quick fix' conditioners they give instant damage repair but aren't that beneficial for the long term, but so far with this one I feel it's really helped repair the damage in my hair. 

For only £7 this has shot to the top of my current favourite hair products and I'll definitely be repurchasing another tube when I finish this one. Have you tried anything from the John Frieda Full Repair range?



I've been naughty again and done some shopping. It's something to do with this time of year! 

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When I spotted this Nail Care Travel Case at the new Kiko store on Regent Street, I just had to have it. Nails are my thing so when I'm away for the weekend or off on holiday I always take supplies with me. Usually they're stuffed into socks, shoes or random zip compartments, but this nifty case keeps everything neatly in one place. 

It's small, compact and inside it offers three compartments. On the left there is a zip section for cotton wool, remover, cuticle balm etc. On the right there are slots to place nail tools, orange sticks, a file and this section can be turned over to reveal the nail polish slots behind. There are five slots for Kiko shaped nail polish, which is pretty much any square bottle. I managed to squeeze in some Essie, Bobbi Brown and Barry M! This is probably my favourite part of the case as it really keeps everything so neat and compact (as well as limiting me to 5 polishes, which is plenty).

This is the small case and it costs £15.90 but there is also a larger one available for £19.90. It's perfect and will be accompanying me on every trip from now on. I love it so much I might even give it a name… Betty? 



My week in photos for the 96th time. Highlights this week included meeting so many lovely readers at our Kiehl's event (thank you for coming!) and getting in the Christmas spirit by wrapping presents. 

London Hot Spot // This week, thanks to Origins, I had the chance to try out the relatively new restaurant 'Grain Store' in King's Cross. I really liked the vibe, the style of cooking and that we could order a surprise taster menu. I will definitely be going back to try out some other bits from the menu. 

Stand Out Product // The Sarah Chapman cleansing balm is just that little bit more oily compared to the Emma Hardie one, so I've been enjoying using it whilst my skin is feeling the effects of the colder weather. It's definitely up there with my all-time favourite cleansers… 

M&S Christmas canapés | Christmas present wrapping | Nutella hot chocolate 

H&M Home brush holders | New River Island dress | Kiehl's meet up

Christmas biscuits! | Filming setup for a beauty chat | Beautiful flowers

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Christmas Wrapping Paper Nails


I find it hard to not go over the top with my nails at the best of times, but when it's Christmas I just can't resist! Every time I sit down to paint my nails, I plan to paint them something simple and chic but end up with something completely over the top. 

This time, what started with an accent nail ended with full on christmas wrapping paper nails. Essie 'Fishnet Stockings' provided the chic, whilst Essie 'Beyond Cosy' brought the sparkle. I love deep reds with glitter and 'Beyond Cosy' sits somewhere between a silver and gold glitter which is why I love it. I simply added alternate dots to the nails using my Bourjois dotting tool.

With a bit of patience and something good to watch on TV, it takes no time at all and looks really pretty. I coated on a thick layer of Seche Vite to make it last, but don't forget to wait until the dots are completely dry! 

I have a feeling my nails will be exclusively festive for the rest of the month…. Oh well, I'm just going to embrace being OTT. 



Seeing as I'm completely addicted to the YSL foundation and won't use anything else, I thought this week instead of creating another WOMF featuring the same products I'd show you a new lipstick I've been loving. 

I talked about the new makeup range from Japonesque in this post and since then I've been able to try one of their Pro Performance Lipsticks. There are 12 shades available and this one '08' is a rich, deep berry. I love wearing shades like this especially with quite basic eye makeup and pretty, festive highlighting.  

I love the formula of these lipsticks, they're really moisturising but still very pigmented. It applied like a matte lipsticks with a really opaque colour, but feels comfortable on the lips and leaves a slight shine. Because of the dark colour, I did have to use a lip brush for definition around the edge but then throughout the day I only needed to top it up once straight from the bullet. 

I love this shade for Winter and would definitely recommend the formula of the Japonesque lipsticks. They're available from John Lewis for £15



Today is my 26th birthday and as I'm keeping it low key this year I don't have any fancy birthday makeup tutorial to show you. Instead I thought I'd entertain you (and totally embarrass myself) with a look back at the last 26 years and at what Anna so perfectly put it as my beauty CV. The past is the past and there are some really awful photos here but I wanted to be honest!

The Hair // 
Having uncontrollable curly hair meant that brushing only took place on hair wash days and I brought the house down with my screaming. It once got so matted that my mum had to take me to the one Philipp Kingsley salon in London for advice (maybe this was the beginning of my obsession with beauty?). I couldn't wash my own hair for a long time without help and if someone at school had nits it was worth me taking time off school because if I got them…. well it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. By the time I reached 7 it got pulled back into a controllable ponytail and stayed that way for ten years. For special occasions I'd wear it down or clip half of it up but it would be caked in mousse and completely crunchy. It was always either Shockwaves Ultra Strength or Sebastian Wet, nothing else worked. The wet look had to do as it was better than the frizzy look, but you could actually hurt yourself touching my hair it was so sharp. Every year when I went on camp the option was to either pack 6 bottles of mousse or get my hair braided… I usually went for the latter, getting it done at the local afro hair salon. My first blow dry took place in year 5 but it was so traumatic and so many combs were snapped that I didn't try it again for years. The re-launch of GHDs during secondary school meant I could try it myself at home without hairdressers gathering around me with concerned faces and I just kept straightening it on weekends until it became easier. At Uni I began straightening it more and more, partly because it was easier to manage when it was straight but also because I felt happier and prettier with it straight. I found it easier to develop my own sense of style with straight hair and just couldn't get the curly look right. I spent a few years wearing it both curly and straight depending on how I felt. I never had the option of cutting or colouring my hair growing up as it wasn't strong enough for colour and was too curly for any kind of cut. After straightening it for a few years and working on using only the best products my hair was strong enough to cut short, something I'd always wanted to do. The only sacrifice? Not being able to  wear it curly… it just looks ridiculous. So that's where I am now and I'm really happy with it! 

The Makeup // 
There's not much to touch on here as it was pretty non-existent until I was about 15/16, apart from the odd blue lipstick (as seen above) and makeover from my sister. My sister was a makeup artist so I assumed MAC was the only brand worth using as that's what she used. My makeup look for years consisted of a lot of bronzer, black eyeliner and mascara. When I went to Uni I spent most my loan on Benefit makeup and once the blogging started, well that's when the obsession really started too. Everything since then has been documented on here so scroll back if you wish… 

The Skin // 
I'm quite lucky and have had some pretty good skin genes passed down to me. From when I was about 14 until after Uni I just used Simple face wipes and a basic moisturiser as my daily skincare routine. My skin didn't react to such a skin stripping routine because it's not very sensitive but the minute I tried a proper cleanser, I never used face wipes again. Bioderma replaced my face wipe needs when I didn't have time to cleanse and all the other trimmings followed soon after. My mum had spent years begging me to just try using a cloth and cleanser, so once I did she was more than happy to show me how to do the rest of my skincare routine properly. 

So there it, my life-long hair issues (sorry for the long ramble) and my entry into makeup and skincare. Another birthday, another grey hair but I've achieved more in my 25th year than I have in any other so I'm giving myself a high five and a pat on the back. 

If you don't see a birthday post this time next year, it's because I'm hiding somewhere pretending it's not my birthday. No more birthdays from now on, that's the deal... ok?

~ For the rest of this week I'll be running 'mascara workshop' so check back everyday for different mascara tips and tricks! ~



Welcome to my Mascara Workshop that'll be running until the end of the week! Whenever the desert island question is asked to anyone, a mascara is always mentioned. It's a staple in everyone's makeup collection, so I thought it deserved it's own spotlight just in time for the season of fluttery lashes. 

Just a quick disclaimer… I'm lucky to have quite long, curly lashes so instead of this being about my experience with mascaras or my opinion on mascara, this is instead more of a factual series to help guide you around the mascara world! 

The wand always seems to steal the limelight, creating a USP for any new mascara that enters the market. Just when you think every possible mascara wand has been created, they bring out one that mechanically rotates! The wand world is definitely overwhelming and I often think "oh great, just another gimmick mascara", but it actually can make quite a difference to how your lashes look. 

The wand itself is usually made out of either fibre or twisted wire. The fibre brushes usually look larger, fluffier or as I say 'hairier' and the twisted wire ones look thinner and more like plastic. Most people already have a preference between these and in general, the fibre brushes give more volume and deposits product well and the twisted wire can give amazing length and lash separation. 

Wand shapes are completely down to how you use your wand and your personal preference. There are lots to choose from and some high end brands like Clinique allow you to try the exact mascara wand on counter, which I think is so handy! 

Thin or Fat //
Big, fat wands typically work well on longer, fuller lashes and smaller, thinner wands usually work well on shorter, thinner lashes as they can really get to the root. If you like a quick application the bigger wands require little effort, where as the thinner wands require a bit more work but get great results and create really long, dramatic lashes. 

Curved //
Curved wands were created to help the lashes hold a curl. I've personally never enjoyed using them because my lashes are already curly so it's hard to grip onto the lashes and they're missed in the curve of the wand. If you're lashes are very straight then a curved wand can be used and held in place to create more of a curl. You can also use the outside of the curve for the bottom lashes.

Tapered // 
Tapered brushes are great because the thicker part of the brush can be used on the main part of the lashes and the smaller tapered end can be used to get into the corner lashes and really accentuate them. The tapered end can also be used for the smaller bottom lashes for precision application.

Squigly? // 
Some mascaras offer it all, with a curved edge and a tapered end. Personally I find these hard to use and a bit confusing, but they do give you more options if you like to experiment with your lashes. 

The wand isn't alone in it's quest for beautiful lashes though, the 'wiper' plays an important role. The wiper is the top of the tube that determines how much product is taken off or left on the brush. You know when sometimes your mascara wand is caked in product and therefore gives you clumpy lashes? A good mascara will come with a good wiper and leave the perfect amount of product on your brush.

I also love a weighted wand. These are hard to find, but brands like Tom Ford and Kevyn Aucoin do them and they make mascara application feel like you're writing in calligraphy. 

I've always said that fat fibre brushes are my thing, but then I discovered the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume mascara which has a twisted wire brush and is now my all-time favourite. It's good to try a few wand shapes from the drugstore brands and figure out what you like, but when shopping for a high-end mascara it's worth a mascara-less trip so you can try before you buy!

What's your favourite type of mascara wand? 



It's day 2 of my Mascara Workshop and there are two posts coming your way today! First up, let's talk about mascara formulas. It's something that often gets ignored and flashy wands are shoved in our faces instead, but there's a reason for this… Mascara formulas haven't actually evolved that much since they were first created. 

The most recent development has been 'tubing mascaras', such as the DJV Beautenizer Fiberwig mascara. The oils and waxes used in most mascaras were replaced with flexible polymer so the mascara applies a lot more 'wet' than usual. The idea is that when it dries it wraps around each lash giving full coverage to the entire lash. It's an exciting new development and from the tubing mascaras I've tried so far, I like it! 

Aside from this there are a few different well-known formulas to pick from (and of course different colours too!).

Standard or waterproof // 
Waterproof mascaras have a reputation for being worn at weddings or any other events where crying takes place, but they do so much more than that. Waterproof mascaras are a great option for those with oily skin and oily eyelids as the mascara is less likely to run throughout the day. If you have straight lashes and need to curl them, then the waterproof formula will hold a curl for a lot longer than a standard mascara. The only downside is removing them is a lot harder, so if like me you don't have oily lids or straight lashes then I'd stick to the standard formula! 

Lash fibres // 
Something like the Japonesque Fast Lash Thickening Fibres was created to coat your lashes in synthetic fibres before applying your usual mascara. The idea is that it gives the mascara something to grip to and you're left with a more voluminous lash look. the fibres are usually white so it feels and looks weird when you first apply it but after layering on your mascara you wouldn't know they were there. They're a great alternative for those who can't apply false lashes, but be careful especially if you're a contact lens wearer as the fibres can get messy! 

Lash Primer // 
Lash primers are an extra step you can take if you're really dedicated to your lashes. Some, like this Dior one have two purposes, to coat the lashes with serum and prime them at the same time. The serum helps them to grow thicker and the primer helps create a curled, voluminous base before applying your mascara. I haven't yet found a lash primer that's wowed me, but a bit like the fibres if you have short lashes an extra helping layer can't hurt! 

Check back later today for some tips on application! 



Mascara application is definitely one of the most personal things when it comes to makeup. Everyone has their different way of doing it and I love hearing how they all differ. Here are a few tips and tricks I've picked up along the way…

Curl those lashes // 
Even if you're lucky enough to have naturally curly lashes, a good eyelash curler should still be an essential item in your makeup bag. My all-time favourite ones are from Shu Uemura and I simply hold them in place for a few seconds before applying my mascara. If your lashes are really straight, hold them there for a bit longer. If you're feeling brave (please be careful!) you can heat them up slightly with a hair dryer before using them. Just like hair tools would, this will help keep the curl in place for longer. For a less risky alternative, Japonesque do heated eyelash curlers which work really well. 

Do the wiggle // 
I find using the wand to get into the root of the lashes really helps to lengthen them. I wiggle the wand from side to side, slowly working up towards to tip of the lashes. Amelia says she's all about the double-dip, making sure the wand is fully coated when she applies mascara to the tip of the lashes. 

Comb & de-clump //
Often on the other end of a spoolie, you'll find a small comb and these are great for using on your lashes. Both Anna and I both like to use these either to give the lashes a more natural look or to de-clump if you go a bit over the top. 

Wing it out // 
Using the tip of the wand for the inner or outer lashes is a really great way to open up your eyes and make your lashes look longer. Take your time to slowly reach the individual lashes on the edge. 

So what are your mascara application habits and tips? 




Carrying on with my mascara workshop, today's topic… removing the darn stuff once it's on! 

Eye Makeup Remover // 
I use Bioderma every night to remove my eye makeup. I like to do it separate to my cleanser as I find the micellar waters to be really gentle on my eyes and I like to use a cotton pad so I can really get into the root of the lashes without any irritation. I swipe the cotton pad downwards a couple of times and then once across for it to be completely removed. It's important to be gentle when doing this as your eye area can be really sensitive. 

Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover //
If you're a waterproof mascara kinda gal, the micellar waters won't cut it. You'll need something oil based and one of my favourites is the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover. It feels gentle on the eyes but completely removes waterproof makeup in only a couple of swipes. Don't forget to shake it up first to make it really work!

Oils //
If you don't have a separate eye makeup remover or don't want to use one, oils work just as well. You can of course use an oil cleanser, like the Nude Cleansing Oil, you can use a standard face oil or if you're feeling really adventurous you can try using coconut oil. I haven't tried it myself but apparently it works! Most oils work because they break down the makeup and it really is the quickest way to get the stuff off. 

What's your favourite way to remove mascara?




This month Anna and I have invited a special guest to join us for our monthly beauty chat… Amelia! As you can imagine, put three girls in a room together to talk about makeup and all you really get are lots of giggles, squeals and "oooohs". 

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To end my mascara workshop, I'm talking through my top 5 mascaras and why they made the list! 

This is probably one of the most talked about drugstore mascaras and is holy grail for so many people. The wand is curved, quite large and made out of fibre so it's great for volume. 

This is a tubing mascara, so the wet formula coats the lashes giving an even longer, fuller finish. The wand has apparently 7 sides, giving you lots of different options when applying. You get quite a lot of product on the wand, which is something I quite like as it doesn't take long to achieve a voluminous look. 

This is probably my all-time favourite and the one I talk about the most. The quite basic, long, wired wand makes it easy to grip onto the lashes and with quite a fast motion you can do your lashes really quickly and easily. I find this gives more length than volume, but is great for an everyday mascara. 

This mascara is known to dry out quite quickly, but for some lashes this actually makes application easier. The long, wire wand is really handy for getting into the corners and the wand itself is really bendy which I quite like. This mascara gives me 'wow' lashes every time. 

This one is right up there on the scale of high end mascaras, but if you like to invest in mascaras it is beautiful. The narrow, fibre brush is good to use in many different ways and I find this mascara never clumps. It gives me volume, length and the sort of fluttery lashes that are perfect for a party. 

So that's it for my mascara workshop, I hope you've enjoyed it. Please let me know your favourite mascaras and thanks for checking back every day this week!