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    Spring is on it's way and with it comes an array of pastel nail polishes. You'd think we'd be bored of them by now, coming back year after year but personally I can't get enough and just love how they look. 

    One of the more exciting pastel launches comes from Ciaté with their Dolls House collection. Five perfectly pastel mini polishes housed in a cute paper dolls house that even has windows! The shades included are Poppet, Dolls House, Paper Doll, Sweet Pea and Baby Doll and my favourites are Sweet Pea (a pastel mint) and Poppet (a gentle lilac). They are all part of Ciaté's porcelain effect line so they dry super quick with a matte, chalky texture. Worn with  a top coat though, they can also look glossy and fresh! I found I needed 2 to 3 coats to get an opaque finish but I was happy with how smooth they applied. 

    Alongside the incredibly cute Dolls House collection, Ciaté have also launched a range of scented nail polish removers. If, like me, your boyfriend complains of the smell when you do your nails these are perfect. They come in four scents: white, dark, mint and orange chocolate and they really do smell like their descriptions! Although they are made with a great non-drying formula and added Vitamin E and B5 to condition, I found they weren't as effective as my usual Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover. I would recommend using these though when you're not in a rush and want to indulge in a delicious, pampering manicure. The glass bottles look beautiful and would make a really nice present for a nail obsessed girl like myself! 

    The Dolls House is only £18, which for 5 gorgeous shades, I think is really affordable and the nail polish removers are £10 each. Will either of these launches be added to your wish list?

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  • 02/09/14--05:00: THE BEAUTY SCENARIO TAG

  • Here's a little mid-week video to keep you on your toes and for something a bit different I decided to create my own tag! 

    I hope you like it and if you do it yourself please send me the link. 

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  • 02/09/14--23:00: THE RETURN OF STEREO ROSE

  • ...and it's back. The blusher that's been swooned over by every blogger and YouTuber, the one that sells out every time and the one that has you scrolling through blog sales in desperation. 

    I didn't pick up Stereo Rose when it was first released but I seriously longed for it after watching so many YouTubers talk about it years ago. It then got re-released in the Aprés Chic collection, I got my hands on one and wrote about it here. So here's the good news... it's back. 

    MAC are re-releasing the famous mineralize blush in their upcoming Fantasy of Flowers collection, which is released on 6th March and it will cost £22. I wanted to give you a heads up so you don't miss out on picking up one of my all-time favourite blushers. It's a coral toned blush with gold highlight running through it so with one swipe across the cheekbone you get a beautiful flush of colour and glow. 

    So put the 6th March in your diary and you can thank me later! Will you be picking one up?

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  • 02/10/14--23:00: A LUSH VALENTINE'S DAY

  • Listen up boys, Valentine's Day is four days away and although the day is both favoured and loathed by us girls, it's less risky to assume she loves it. Girls, get ready to copy, paste and forward... 

    LUSH may not be my first choice when it comes to bath and body but there's no denying they really know how to acknowledge an occasion and wrap it up in a pretty bow. So whether you're buying (or asking for) a small or a big gift, LUSH has got you covered... 

    Inside the small gift wrapped box is two heart shaped LUSH classics, a bath ballistic and a massage bar. The Tisty Tosty Bath Ballistic has seven rosebuds that start to float about in your bath once it's all dissolved. The Close To You Massage Bar is creamy, vanilla scented and although a little bit too oily for my liking, works well if you cut it into small pieces and rub onto the skin. 

    This one is for the LUSH lovers. A giant box filled with six  love-ly products. The Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic leaves your bath a beautiful gradient pink whilst the tender in the Night Massage Bar gives off a 'romantic' jasmine and ylang ylang scent. The appropriately named Prince Charming Shower Gel has the scent of pomegranate and vanilla, the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner is a great shower staple and finally the Neon Love Soap is sweet both in it's scent and look.

    So if it's a LUSH gift you're after, send a subtle nudge to your other half's email inbox and if you're a guy lost for ideas, well here it is. 

    That's Valentine's acknowledged and done for me this year, apart from a special video coming this Thursday... Oooh mysterious. 

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    So clearly this post is not aimed at the majority of my readers. If you're already familiar with YouTube and how it all works then feel free to give this one a miss or pass it on to a less familiar friend or family member. 

    Recently I have become more and more aware that my friends and family have no idea how to subscribe to a YouTube channel, in fact most don't even know what that means. The majority of them like the idea of watching YouTube videos, they often watch mine when I post them on Facebook, but the idea of having them all in one place kind of baffles them. This post is for them... 

    Using YouTube is much easier than it looks and quite similar to Facebook in that you 'subscribe' like you 'friend request' (without needing to be accepted) and then can see all your subscriptions in one timeline, like you can see your friends' updates on Facebook. Once you subscribe to the channels you are interested in, you can check your 'My Subscription' page at any time to catch up on new uploads from those channels. It's so easy and means you won't miss any videos from the people you want to watch. All you need is a YouTube account which can be linked to any existing gmail account you have and you're ready to go! 

    So follow the simple instructions above using the YouTube app and enjoy the addictive world of YouTube. Any questions? Give me a tweet @lilypebbles and I'll try and help! 

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  • 02/11/14--23:00: THE MYTH OF MAKEUP

  • Last week whilst watching Lisa Eldridge's video with Sophie Dahl, I was inspired by something Sophie said. With two kids under the age of three she doesn't get much sleep and referred to her transformation with Lisa as "the myth of makeup". It got me thinking and it really is true, you can use makeup to pretty much transform your face and change any features that you might want to change. I'm all for natural beauty, but I'm also for using makeup to naturally enhance your features to make you feel more beautiful. 

    I'm pretty lucky that I was a very lazy teenager so unlike my friends who plucked most their brows away, I left mine to be full and bushy. Fast forward ten years and big brows are back in fashion! If your brows are a little sparse though (and mine are right at the front) the Hourglass Brow Sculpting pencil is great. It has a spoolie on one end to tame the hair and keep them in place and then a really nice pencil on the other that combines the formulae of both powder and wax. It's easy to apply, doesn't budge all day and the shades are really natural. 

    I have a couple of things I like to do to make my lashes look fuller and healthier, especially on minimal makeup days. I start by using a very dark brown eyeliner in the tight line of my upper lash line and then I also run it very close to the lash line on the top. I almost press the liner into the lashes to fill any empty spaces between them. It also help to curl your lashes and I like to use the Shu Uemura lash curlers and if you feel your lashes don't hold a curl I'd recommend using a waterproof mascara.

    When I'm tired it really shows on my skin, I get dark circles, small red eyes and dull looking skin. To perk myself up I like to use a glowing base like the Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector or the MAC Strobe Cream and both of these add some extra light to the skin that shines through the foundation beautifully. To tackle the dark circles I like to use a salmon coloured concealer to cancel out the blue and my all-time favourite is Bobbi Brown's Corrector in Light Bisque. Finally, to brighten up the eyes I like to highlight in the inner corner with any powder or cream highlight shade and line the waterline with a nude eyeliner. My most recent favourite is the Smashbox Always Sharp 3D liners, it's soft to use and self sharpening which is really handy. 

    Sometimes adding a bit of dimension in your makeup can make all the difference and contouring will give you those supermodel cheekbones. I mentioned in this post last week the products I like to use to contour. 

    I have never had a defined cupids bow (thanks Dad!) and although it's never bothered me it's nice to know I can always draw one in if I wanted to. If you want to define your cupids bow, give yourself a fuller upper or bottom lip then invest in a good lip liner and draw it in yourself. As long as you blend it well with your lipstick and keep it natural, noone will ever know! 

    There's so much more that can be done with makeup, but these are just a few of my tips! I think the myth of makeup is why so many of us are obsessed with it, it's so exciting and there's always something new to try. How do you use makeup to adjust your features or look?

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  • 02/12/14--23:00: MAC VIVA GLAM RIHANNA

  • To kick off a new year for Viva Glam, MAC have appointed Rihanna as their new official spokesperson for 2014. For those of you that aren't aware, Viva Glam is a range sold at MAC that gives every penny to women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

    Rihanna's first contribution to the Viva Glam line comes in the form of a limited edition red lipstick and lipglass, of course it wouldn't be anything but red. Both in the same blue-toned red that flatters cool skin tones and pops on warmer skin tones like mine. 

    The lipstick comes in MAC'S 'Frost' finish that I think looks quite glistening and glossy. Something I noticed about this compared to other MAC lipsticks I have is that it glided on beautifully without tugging at the lips at all. The limited edition packaging is completely mesmerising, it's a deep red matte with Rihanna's signature loosely wrapped around it. 

    The lipstick is £15, the lipglass is £14 and both go into stores and on MAC counters today. Rememeber all the money goes to a great cause so there's no shopping guilt involved... in fact I encourage you to go shopping and if your boyfriend complains of you buying another red lipstick tell him it was a charity donation! 

    So what do you think of Rihanna's first Viva Glam collection?

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  • 02/13/14--05:00: VALENTINE'S DAY 3 WAYS

  • My nod to Valentine's Day this year comes in the form of a 3 way video, so hopefully there's something for everyone! Whether you're off on a date, staying in and making dinner or having the girls round for a pamper, I've got you sorted. 

    I hope you enjoy it and if you need up doing any of these things tomorrow please tweet me @lilypebbles to let me know! 

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  • 02/13/14--23:00: DIPTYQUE DOES SKINCARE

  • Diptyque who are well known for their incredible candles and room sprays (that I've raved on about for years) have made the natural progression on from body care and have created their own skincare range which will be launching this March. I have to say I was pessimistic at first, expecting a line full of overly scented products, stick to what you're good at definitely sprung to mind. I was actually pleasantly surprised, but saying that there are definitely hits and misses amongst the products, so here's the lowdown from my personal experience. 

    The thanks but no thanks product for me is the Radiance Boosting Powder (£38). The idea is to pour the powder into your hand, wet the small black sponge and then squeeze it in your hand to produce foam which is then applied to your face to cleanse. Although the idea is new and exciting, I feel like it's unnecessary and a bit too gimmicky. 

    The other cleansing product in the range is the cleansing balm (£44), which as we all know is a skincare product that's still quite hard to come by. I was really excited by the idea of this, it includes sweet almond oil and three essential oils; ylang-ylang, mimosa and geranium. Although essential oils can break some people out, I don't tend to suffer from this so I was keen to give it a go and also try it as a mask like they recommend. I found it took my makeup off well and I liked the thick formula, but unfortunately on the skin I found it to be a bit too heavy and it took a while to remove the oily residue. 

    Next up is the Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay (£44) which is the one I haven't really decided on yet. You can use the clay with a brush and apply it all over as a mask and I quite liked how it doesn't dry so it's really easy to remove with a cloth. You can also use it as an exfoliate because of the marble powder, kaolin and rice and oat powders it's really gentle but effective. It didn't wow me, but I didn't hate it. I think it's one I'll have to try over a longer period of time and get back to you! 

    So finally, the two products from the range that I really liked and will be adding to my everyday skincare routine, the Infused Facial Water and the Protective Moisturizing Lotion. The Infused Facial Water (£35) is essentially water infused with vitamins, minerals and the same rose extracts they use for their candles. The blend of flowers and plants means the water can be used as a toner before moisturising and it will help to cleanse, add radiance and moisturise the skin. You can also use this to mix with exfoliators or cleansers and I just love how it feels on the skin. I've been using it morning and night on a cotton wool pad and I just can't get enough of it, my skin feels so fresh! 

    The Protective Moisturising Lotion (£44) includes SPF so should be used as a day cream in the morning. You only need one small pump as the product really spreads around the face well and has intense moisture. It's infused with white lily and calendula and has the scent of orange blossom. I really like how it feels on the skin and have noticed a difference in the moisture levels of my skin throughout the day since using it. 

    I personally think the range is very much aimed at loyal Diptyque customers and because of the high price point it definitely won't be for everyone. It's an exciting new launch for one of my favourite brands though and two stand out products out of five is pretty good in my books. So what do you think about Diptyque doing skincare? Is it a range you'll be looking into?

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  • 02/14/14--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    My lips are still really, really sore and it is such a pain. My doctor has told me the only way to make them better is to ban all lipsticks for at least 3 weeks, but at the moment that's proving difficult for me. So for now I have been covering them in Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 and although the taste is not very pleasant I've found it to be really effective. The long term effects haven't cured my lips but it's definitely kept them moisturised in the meantime. 

    LIFE //
    So remember when I told you I started ice skating lessons? Well it's been six weeks since then and I passed my final test, moving onto level 4. I've actually really enjoyed the weekly lessons because they're short, fun, I get to spend some time with my sister and it's 30 mins where my phone is locked away in a locker - bliss! I've signed up for another 6 weeks so I'll let you know how I get on then. 

    EATS //
    Rich and I went to Jackson & Rye for dinner and although I'd been there for breakfast I'd heard good things about their dinner, so we wanted to give it a go! I wasn't wowed with the breakfast and was slightly baffled by the bottled juices that were sold as 'fresh' juice on the menu. The dinner also didn't wow me and we both left feeling kind of greasy. I went for the buttermilk chicken and chips, but the chicken was greasy and the chips tasted exactly like McDonalds chips. A couple of great restaurants I've been to lately are Berner's Tavern and STK

    Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @lilypebbles for daily photos! 

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  • 02/15/14--23:00: TOM FORD SUGAR DUNE

  • Spring launches seriously give my beauty butterflies but nails in particular have me reaching for the nail polish remover every night so I can try every new shade that's coming out. This week's love is Tom Ford's new spring polish in Sugar Dune. The limited edition white packaging pleases me greatly, but the colour of the polish is what really gets me excited. 

    I know, I know, another nude but the perfect nude is hard to come by. This colour is incredibly chic, goes with every outfit and has this way of making your hands look so fresh and clean. Two coats gave a nice opaque finish and a week later it's still going strong! 

    I have the Cowshed spa to thank for my incredible manicure and clean cuticles, so I'd definitely recommend a visit! 

    What do you think of this new shade for spring? 


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  • 02/16/14--05:00: PRIMARK STARS & VLOG

  • I'm not one of those people who finds the best stuff in Primark, in fact I am awful at Primark shopping, but occasionally I find a gem and have to get my hands on it straight away. 

    Last week I picked up this sweater that I think was around £10 and I really love it. It's thin and lightweight so can be worn as a top under blazers/jackets or just by itself over a vest top. It's really soft and comfy and after one wash it seems to be doing well, so I'm pleased! 

    It's nice to shop with a purpose in a sometimes overwhelming Primark, so maybe next time you visit make this star sweater your purpose? What do you think?

    I also uploaded a vlog today so you can watch below!

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  • 02/16/14--23:00: JO MALONE JUST LIKE SUNDAY

  • Jo Malone London have new launches all the time and although they are all lovely occasionally they'll launch something that really grabs my attention. One of their latest launches is a permanent Home Candle collection by their style editor Charlotte Stockdale. There are four candles in the collection that spread out through the day represent her perfect Sunday; Lavender & Lovage, Green Tomato Leaf, Sweet Almond & Macaroon, Incence & Embers

    "A pause in the week. To relax in crisp, white sheets, airy with lavender. To unwind... and go wherever the mood takes you. Out to the garden. Into the greenhouse, twisting tomaoes fresh from the vine. Earthy, leafy and full of sunshine. A hearty lunch. A breezy walk. Then paradise. A plate of sweet almond macaroons with a pot of steaming tea. Vanilla-soft and coconut rich. Sleepy by the fire. Smoky incense curling into the air. No need to think. Easy... Just like Sunday."

    The candle that really stood out to me was the Green Tomato Leaf... a vegetable scented candle?! I had to try it. The scent is really unique and full of flavour. It lifts the whole room and can be smelt around the whole house, although you do have to be in the right mood for it. I think it would work really well lit in the kitchen or hallway and the new black label looks chic and sophisticated. My other favourite from the collection is the Lavender & Lovage which is a beautiful scent to wake up to. 

    I love the idea of this launch, a different candle for the four different parts of the perfect Sunday. Each candle is 200g, £39 and comes with the long Jo Malone matches. Which one sounds like your perfect Sunday companion?


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  • 02/17/14--23:00: THE BUDGET CLEANSING BALM

  • Budget face masks? Check. Affordable moisturisers? Yeah, I can sort you out. The one skincare question I've always struggled to answer though is "What is a good, affordable cleanser?". 

    Finally the search is over because I've found the most amazing cleansing balm and it's only £14.50. Compared to the £34 Emma Hardie cleansing balm or the £40 Sarah Chapman Cleansing Balm the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm is an absolute steal and as much as I do love my high end versions, this one is just as effective. I first heard about this cleanser from Caroline Hirons, so I knew it was worth a try.

    You massage the balm onto the skin before removing it with a cloth and I noticed it's not as thick as the others I've tried. It also emulsifies when mixed with water and turns into more of a milk so it's easy to spread around the face. The sweet almond oil helps with moisture whilst the Echium oil helps with fine lines, wrinkles and the skin's elasticity. I've really been enjoying using it in the evening to remove my makeup and I love the fresh laundry scent is has. 

    So there it is, an affordable, effective cleansing balm and it's available from John Lewis and Debenhams. For a full list of ingredients and a much more extensive review, check Caroline's post here


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  • 02/18/14--05:00: GOODBYE YELLOW NAILS

  • It's a rare occasion that my nails are bare and free of polish but when they are, especially after wearing a dark polish, I often notice they're quite yellow. It's a vicious circle really because nails need sunlight to help with yellowness but I don't want to have my bare nails on show when they look gross. A few weeks back I took to Twitter to ask for all of your yellow nail advice and got an amazing response with loads of tips, so after a few weeks of testing here's what I've found works best for me. 

    First of all I changed up my base coat and switched to Orly Bonder. I always thought base coats were all the same, but this one is another level to anything I've used before. It's a 'rubberised' base coat that helps the polish adhere to the nail so it lasts longer and it also acts as a barrier protecting the nail, especially from dark colours. I've loved using this, it's made my polish last so much longer and it's been added to my 'must always repurchase' list. 

    After solving the base coat problem I wanted to find a product that helped keep my nails looking bright and healthy and prevent any yellowness returning. The Mavala Lightening Scrub Mask aims to exfoliate the nails, removing any dead skin and smoothing the nail's surface. Around once a week (or when I can) I use this by rubbing the cream into each nail for 10 seconds and then remove it by using the nail brush that it comes with. It lightens the nails slightly and makes them feel and look really fresh. 

    This combination for me has been working really well and now when I remove my nail polish my nails don't look yellow at all, so I'm really happy. Thanks mum for being my hand model, fyi she loves it too! 


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    The YSL Touche Éclat has been around forever, but despite it's fame I also think it's one of the most misunderstood beauty products out there. I personally spent my teenage years thinking it was a very sheer concealer that "didn't work"but to double check it wasn't just me I did my research and asked around. Nearly all my friends that I asked also thought the same even to this day, that it's a concealer. 

    A couple of weeks ago I met with Lloyd Simmons, YSL's Creative Director of makeup and when I told him I didn't use it because I always thought it was too sheer to cover my dark circles, he confirmed what I'd always wondered… it's not a concealer, it's a highlighter. How one product that is so heavily advertised can be so misunderstood baffles me, but I wanted to do my bit and set the record straight and maybe giving you some highlighting tips along the way. 

    YSL are releasing the limited 'Into The Wild' Touche Éclat it is absolutely gorgeous embossed with a chic animal print! I gave mine a whirl using Lloyd's tips, so here's how I got on. 

    I applied the product anywhere I wanted to highlight, so not my dark circles! I used it on the outer corners of my eyes, my cheekbones, the inner corner of my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and around my nose. I also took Lloyd's tip to apply it around my lips to make them look fuller and at the top of my forehead to make the space look larger (if you have a large forehead do this just above the centre of your brows). After applying it where I wanted to highlight I patted it in with my finger making sure not to disrupt the light enhancing formula. This was a step I did after my base, before my bronzer and blush and you can see the results in this video where I actually got quite a few compliments on my glowing complexion! 

    The limited edition Touche Éclat is out in April for £25, but until then if you have one that you pushed aside, try using it this way and see how you like it. I was impressed with the results and definitely want to experiment more using it as a highlighter. The Touche Éclat success story used to baffle me but now I get it… finally


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  • 02/19/14--23:00: MY BRITS CLUTCH BAG

  • Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Brit Awards and it was really a dream come true. As a little girl I remember my parents going every year and bringing me home a Brits goodie bag filled with Spice Girls CDs and loads of other random bits I used to squeal  about. I used to collect their tickets and lanyards for my memory box - such a cool kid. So it was a really nice moment for me to be able to attend myself and go with one of my favourite drugstore brands, Revlon. A video is coming your way this Sunday with all the details on what I wore, who I saw and how the whole evening went, so subscribe to my channel here so you don't miss it. 

    When it came down to picking a bag, I didn't have many options and ended up taking my small Whistles clutch that's discreet enough to wear with a loud dress. It's small though, like makeup bag small, so I had to pack well.

    This is how it usually works for me on a night out: 6pm the red lip goes on (Revlon matte balm in Standout), 9pm when things look a bit smeary and I'm bored of checking the mirror the wipes come out, removal takes place and the bold lip is replaced by a nude gloss (Tanya Burr Chic).  I also pack with me my old, empty Bobbi Brown Corrector that works as a mini mirror for touch ups and lipstick checks. 

    My phone and vlogging camera (not shown) are a must and chewing gum in case I bump into any celebs, lol. I needed to pack a small purse to fit in as well, so this Lulu Guinness /Clinique collaboration purse is perfect and not to mention cuuute. 

    Finally, a hairband and hair clips for when the journey home top knot situation happens and trust me, it always happens. My clutch bag was small, compact and had everything I needed in one place. 

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  • 02/20/14--05:00: Topshop, Primark & ASOS HAUL

  • It happens around twice a year... I suddenly realise I am wearing the same thing every day and nothing in my wardrobe is inspiring, so I go on a giant shopping spree. This time I don't feel too guilty as I came away with some really great pieces and no individual piece was too overpriced. I hope you enjoy watching the haul, don't forget to subscribe below and for all the links to the items mentioned please check under the video in the description box. 


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  • 02/20/14--23:00: A TECH HAUL

  • My 'tech wish list' has been getting longer and longer, but after a bit of Amazon browsing and a 'yes' click to a free trial of Amazon Prime, I eventually ticked quite a few bits off my list. After such a positive reaction from our guide to blogging series, I thought you might like to see what I got, why and how I'll be using it. 

    RING LIGHT // £149.99 link
    I've been saving up for this for a little while since using Anna's and realising I definitely wanted it. One of the main things I like about the ring light is how small it is and easy to move around. My soft box light takes up so much space and is a real pain to carry up and down two flights of stairs. As well as being small, the light it gives is very flattering and you get that diva light circle in your eyes (if you want it). I now use this all the time instead of my soft box and although I still think the soft box is good for larger rooms, for smaller spaces the ring light is great. 

    MEMORY CARD CASE // £4.99 link
    Small, random but definitely an essential. I saw this whilst browsing and thought "why have I never thought of getting one before?!". It's basically just a small double-sided case, similar to a business card holder that safely holds your memory cards. Whether it's for travelling or just for your desk, this little plastic case means I'm no longer turning my office upside down looking for my precious memory cards. Life saver. 

    CAMERA BAG // £21.49 link
    Now this is the pièce de résistance and the biggest bargain of them all! This camera rucksack recommendation came from my brother-in-law and I'm so happy I listened to him. It's a light-weight bag with a main compartment for the camera, all your lenses and there's a slot on the side for your tripod too. There are also loads of little zip compartments for chargers, batteries etc as well as a zip at the front for your laptop. You can basically fit everything inside and once it's all packed it doesn't feel heavy at all and is really comfortable to wear. This buy isn't for everyone but for camera enthusiasts who like to take their equipment travelling or use it on the move, it is perfect! 

    SPARE BATTERY // £6.99 link
    Such a simple purchase, but one I wish I'd bought earlier. I personally need this one for an upcoming trip but it's also good to have around to use whilst your other battery is charging. There's nothing worse than that flashing red battery light. 

    LENS PEN // £7.49 link
    (Not shown above) Another Anna enable purchase and something I hadn't even considered until she showed me. This small, double-sided pen is to clean your lens with… basically instead of your sleeve. For my more expensive lenses, I want to make sure I'm looking after them well. 

    HEADPHONES // £42.99 link
    I've always been one for inner ear headphones, but when I'm on a plane or even editing videos I like to use proper over ear ones. A couple of people I know own these Sony ones and highly recommended them, especially because they fold up to a compact size and can be used on noise cancelling mode. The noise cancelling feature is incredible if you're a nervous flyer because all the plane sounds disappear and you can completely engross yourself in a film or your music. I don't think the price of them is too bad either compared to other competitor brands I looked at and I know they'll last me a long time. 

    So those are all the bits I picked up and hopefully you found this interesting or helpful. If you're a real camera enthusiast then maybe you've found some new bits to add to your wish list, but if you're not please remember these aren't essentials, they're extras I'm adding to my collection 4 years in. Catch up on our guide to blogging for the equipment we recommend for bloggers and vloggers. 

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  • 02/21/14--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    If you watched my haul video on Thursday you would have seen that I picked up three of these Topshop sweaters. I'm so happy with the colours I chose and I have been wearing them pretty much every day since I got them. They are thin enough to wear under jackets, but also nice to wear alone with a statement necklace. A Topshop basic that's worth picking up. 

    LIFE //
    I'm so excited to finally be able to share my news with you... I'm going to Ghana! I haven't actually known for that long and it's all very last minute, but Anna and I are going to Ghana with Comic Relief to visit some of the projects they work with. To coincide with International Women's Day, we'll be meeting some of the women who are now able to work and earn money thanks to the money raised from Sport Relief. I can't wait for what I know will be an amazing experience and I will of course share it with you guys on my return. Keep your eyes peeled for a photo diary and video of my trip. I can't wait and feel very lucky to be able to have this experience. 

    EATS //
    Last weekend I went for lunch with some friends at Greenberry Café in Primrose Hill, London. I'd never been before but it's one of those places that when you mention it everyone says "ooh I love that place!". It's a small restaurant, deli style but what makes it really stand out is the super healthy, fresh produce menu. I had a duck noodle salad and my friends had a super whole food salad and a poached egg breakfast. The breakfast/brunch menu looked delicious, but I was in the mood for lunch that day. The food and the atmosphere was really great although it was a Sunday so the service wasn't amazing because it was so busy. I'd definitely recommend visiting though if you're in the area and I'll be going back to try some more things on the menu soon! 

    Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @lilypebbles for daily photos! 

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