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    This week my nails have been coated with Maxfactor's 'Ruby Fruit'and yes, I know, another burgundy! I've never tried a Maxfactor polish before so I had no expectations, but the colour and formula was spot on for me. It's a really deep burgundy that looks almost black... if this was a high end nail polish no doubt the shade name would be something like 'Rouge Noir'. The brush isn't particularly wide, but I found application to be really easy and the formula was the perfect consistency. 

    I'm now on my second round of wearing this shade and the first application lasted five days before it needed a fresh coat. 

    Have you ever tried a Maxfactor polish? Is this shade on your list of ones to try? 

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  • 01/26/14--05:00: JUST SO HIPSTER

  • Heading to Shoreditch with Anna can only mean one thing... photo shoot time! We had a short window of time so I wanted to show my outfit as I don't get to post outfit photos on here that often. 

    As mentioned in yesterday's post, I am loving my new faux leather fronted leigh jeans from Topshop. They're just so comfortable and add something a bit edgy to an outfit. On this particular day I was feeling casual and didn't want to dress in my usual all black attire. Throwing some white trainers on (these ones are from NEXT) makes the whole look a lot more relaxed and I enjoyed the change from my usual black boots. 

    These days I'm getting into the habit of throwing on a sweater, but although it's cold out I wanted to give one of my favourite t-shirts an outing so I went for the layering effect. This anchor tee is an oldie but a goody, made by the lovely people over at Hero & Cape. On top of that I layered my Topshop denim shirt and my Zara khaki jacket with faux leather sleeves (both old and not currently in stock, sorry!). Khaki and blue denim is a strange choice, I agree, but I was feeling it on the day and it was comfy! 

    It seems I can't leave the house without my American Apparel beanie, it's the perfect rainy day saviour and I like how it goes with the jeans. The final detail is my Accurist watch, mentioned in this post and my most useful Topshop bag

    Thanks again to Anna for the photos and let me know what you think of this outfit? 


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  • 01/26/14--23:00: NARSissist Eyeshadow palette

  • So 'No Money Month' has been put on hold for one day and one day only... I did pretty well with no cheating so far! It's for good reason though, have you seen how beautiful this palette is?! 

    On 1st February NARS are releasing the NARSissist eyeshadow palette in department stores nationwide. Named for and inspired by the brand's devoted fans and cult followers, it's clearly going to be a sell out (it already is online!). It's the first product from the NARSissist range and includes 15 of the NARissist community's most beloved shades including: All About Eve, Madrague, Fez, Balu, Coconut Grove, Madrague II, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse, Mekong, Bellissima, Lhasa, Bad Behaviour, Dogon and Pandora. 

    Believe it or not I have never tried NARS eyeshadows, so what better way to do so than with this palette. The range of colours are really wearable with a mix of light highlight shades, shimmery bases and deeper crease and liner shades. There are three matte shades, a pale cork, a light brown and a black which is perfect to use as a liner. The palette is a nice mix or warm and cool toned shades to suit everyone. 

    I've created a look using the shades highlighted with a star above, but the amount of eye looks possible are endless! The deeper shades are great for a smokey eye but I also like that there are some simple, shimmery shades that can be worn alone on the lid for a day look. 

    I've heard mixed things about the quality of NARS eyeshadows, but I found them to be really pigmented and easy to blend. The quality is different for some of the shadows and a common problem can be that they don't apply too well directly onto the lid. Using a primer first should help this, but I found most of the shades worked fine for me on their own. The matte brown shade in particular worked really well with an angled brush as a liner. 

    With most products there is always a con and for me this would be the size of the shadows themselves. I find the small rectangles quite difficult as I use blending brushes most of the time and it gets a bit fiddly. I prefer when the shadows are a bit bigger, but I also appreciate that the size of the palette is really convenient considering it holds 15 shades. 

    The palette costs £55 and the eyeshadows are 1g each. Just to put things into perspective,  the NARS duos are £25 and single eyeshadows are £18. 

    So will you be running to your nearest NARS counter on February 1st? 

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  • 01/27/14--23:00: THE REPURCHASE TEST

  • Have you ever finished or lost a product and have then had to make the decision to repurchase or not to repurchase? 

    When Amelia recently lost her favourite By Terry foundation on holiday she turned to our friendly whatsapp group chat for advice (we are so dramatic!). This was my advice to her...

    Before you set out to repurchase you want to make sure you really need it. I know personally, I have other products I need to use up and ones that deserve more attention. So how do you decide if you really need it or not? 

    Set an alarm on your phone, one month from now and call it "Did you miss me? {insert product name}". If two weeks from now you are still thinking about that product, still missing it from your collection and find yourself looking for it in your stash, then get it. If the alarm goes off, jolts your memory and you haven't thought about that product in a while then forget it. 

    That's how you'll know if it really is that important to you... 

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    As 'No Money Month' comes to an end, I wanted to bring in some friends and fellow beauty enthusiasts to share their current favourites from the drugstore. You've heard me waffle on all month, so now it's over to them to share their finds... 

    Sammi // Beauty Crush - link 
    "I'm loving the Olay Beauty Fluid because it's extremely lightweight and doesn't clog my pores during the night. I've noticed a major change in my skin since using it for over a month and have had hardly any breakouts."

    Anna // Vivianna Does Makeup - link 
    "My current favourite is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Shadow Paint in 'Rich Russet'. I purchased this thanks to Lily's constant ravings of how kickass this formula is and boy is she right. It's long lasting, stays crease-free and the colour deposits a light wash of bronze that can be blended in with your tips for a fuss-free smokey eye".

    Amelia // Liana Beauty - link
    "I usually find it difficult to fall in love with a drugstore foundation (blame the lack of samples and difficulty finding the right shade!) but there's one foundation I've fallen in love with recently and that's the L'Oreal True Match (heads up it's practically a match for my all time favourite, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk). This is my 'do it all' foundation that contains everything I'm after in a base. The medium but guidable coverage also has a slightly matte finish with a luminous look to it. It has a blendable texture and incredible lasting power, plus it photographs beautifully too". 

    Estée // Essie Button - link
    "The Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'On & On Bronze' is one of the products I can't live without because it's the fastest way to get a well-blended eyeshadow effect with just one product. It also looks great as a base with other shadows on top!"

    Jen // Beauty Junkie London - link
    "At the moment I'm loving the Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express Mascara which is really odd for me as the brush is so different the type I normally go for (short hard plastic bristles, I tend to prefer big fluffy brushes). But the results on the lashes are fab, long and thick, no clumping and doesn't smudge or flake throughout the day!"

    Zara // Mouldy Fruit - link 
    "My current favourite drugstore product is the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 'Dark Night Waterl - Oops'. I absolutely adore this lipstick, it feels incredibly moisturising on the lips and has a semi glossy finish. The colour is an intense, deep plum which stains your lips so beautifully. It's definitely a show stopper!".

    Meg // Lips So Facto -link 
    "Una Brennan's Tea Flower Clay Mask has been filling the void left behind by my sad empty tube of Aesop Parsley Seed Masque. With honey, Shea butter and avocado oil it's not as drying as some drugstore masks, leaving skin deeply cleansed but comfortable". 

    Now do you see why I'm always having to rush out to buy products?! They are a convincing bunch. Hopefully you've found some new drugstore recommendations from this and comment below letting me know what your current favourite from the drugstore is! 

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    For my group of friends and our age group, it's getting to that time where we can finally renew our passports and change that horrific photo from when we were 16! Frizzy curly hair, a hoodie, awful makeup and a strange hairband... I couldn't wait to get rid of mine. I know it's not actually important what your photo looks like, but every time I go away with other people we play the "let's see your photo" game and so having one that isn't too embarrassing is handy. 

    So when it comes to taking your new photo, the pressure is on! You're going to be stuck with this thing for 10 years... I might be married with kids by then, so I wanna look at my passport and think "damn, I looked good at 26!". So here are my tips before you enter the photo booth... 

    Complexion Perfection //
    Avoid wearing a base with SPF in just in case the booth uses a flash, you don't want to end up with a white face. Sometimes photo booth photos can come up looking quite dull, so work on creating a glow and highlight on your cheekbones and down your nose, but also don't forget to powder where you usually shine. Glow is good, shine is bad. Use a natural coloured bronzer to lightly contour your face and a neutral blush just to make you look fresh. Don't over contour or use a bright blush as you'll be more likely to dislike a stronger look like that in years to come. 

    Don't be trendy // 
    As mentioned before, this photo needs to last you ten years, that's a long time! If you want your look, your style and your makeup to last without becoming embarrassing then try to keep things simple. Don't wear anything on trend, so no bright lips, no dramatic winged eyeliner and no fancy top knot. You can't go wrong with a natural bronze, a neutral blush, a light matte brown eyeshadow, everyday mascara (no falsies) and a 'my lips but better' lip balm. 

    Smile but don't smile // 
    So apparently my 16 year old self was allowed to smile but these days the rules are strict, no smiling, hair out of your face, no hats etc etc. I have this theory though that you can smile without actually smiling if you really think about it. I've tested this and if I simply look straight and allow my face to relax I look miserable, but if I clench my teeth, slightly raise my brows, open my eyes and think "smile", I look happier and uplifted. You're going to think I'm mad, but practise it in the mirror... it works! 

    So next time you need to renew your passport hopefully these tips will help and you won't be the laughing stock in the airport departing lounge. 

    Post inspired by an article I did for Mod Mods here

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  • So let's address the elephant in the room... Bobbi Brown shimmer brick much? I've actually never even contemplated buying a BB shimmer brick as it's never appealed to me. I like to add a bit of highlight to my cheekbones and then apply my blush separately but I've never found these £32 shimmery hybrids appealing. But the new Revlon Highlighting Palettes are far from £32, they're actually only £8.99! So of course I had to give it a go.

    The new palettes come in two shades, 'Rose Glow' and 'Bronze Glow', both offering a selection of 5 shimmery shades. I got my hands on 'Bronze Glow' so when using it I applied it to the edge of my cheekbones somewhere between where I'd usually apply my highlighter and my bronzer. 

    I was actually really surprised at how non-glittery it was, considering it's pretty sparkly in the pan. It applies as more of a sheen with very fine shimmer particles. I also like how it doesn't really allow you to apply too much and with one swirl around the pan you just get the right amount of product on the brush. 

    I was really impressed by this and for £8.99 I'd say it's a winner. It's definitely one to pull out in the Summer as you're left with a gorgeous golden glow that would look great with a tan. 

    They're already available on the Boots website here, will you be giving it a go? 

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  • 01/30/14--05:00: JANUARY HITS & MISSES

  • This month I have been testing out more products than usual so consequently have come across more disappointing products than usual. So instead of my January favourites, here are my January hits and misses!

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  • 01/30/14--23:00: Tanya Burr Lips & Nails

  • For my final #nomoneymonth post I wanted to present to you one of the most exciting launches for this month. If you haven't seen the hashtag #tanyaburrlipsandnails circulating Twitter, where have you been?! It's all in aid of the launch of Tanya Burr's new lipgloss and nail polish collection with eye CANDY. If you don't already know Tanya, she is a beauty YouTuber and trained makeup artist who really is as lovely in real life as she is in her videos.  For her first dip into the world of creating makeup, she's released 10 nail polishes and 12 lip glosses. I got a sneak peak at them last night and I am really excited to try them.

    The lip glosses range from baby pinks, everyday mauves, winter plums to bright bold reds. There's a mix of crème and shimmer finishes but they all give a 'wet' look for a bit of extra shine. The names, picked by Tanya, give a nice personal touch for example Afternoon Tea, Picnic in the Park and First Date which are clearly all moments that mean something to her. Each lip gloss is £6.99, so an affordable drugstore price. 

    The nail polishes come in cute, square NARS-like bottles with Tanya's signature logo on the front. It's clear that some of the colours have been based on Tanya's (and the rest of the beauty community's) favourite shades from a range of brands. The ones that excite me the most are the mint blue, the cashmere grey, the deep burgundy and the coral. Again the sweet names were picked by Tanya such as Peaches & Cream, Mini Marshmallows, Riding Hood and New York Night. Each nail polish is £5.99 and claims to be chip resistant and long lasting.

    The whole range is available today from Feel Unique and will soon be available on a few other leading beauty websites too. It's so great to see a range like this from a fellow YouTuber and even nicer to see the support she is getting from everyone! So which products from the line are you eyeing up?

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  • 01/31/14--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    I spontaneously picked up a MAC 'Boy Bait' lipgloss last week which is a complete throw back for me. It's a gorgeous, easy to wear nude that works really well over nude lipsticks and feels completely non-sticky. I used to love this as a teenager so I'm really happy to be reunited with it.

    LIFE //
    A couple of weeks ago I was told that I was nominated for a Johnson & Johnson Journalism Award and although it came as a massive surprise, I was completely flattered. The awards were this week, so I went along and it was very glamorous. Somehow I won the 'Best Blogger' category, alongside the lovely Meg who won the runner up prize. Walking up to the stage to get my trophy felt like a ten minute walk and I was relived to get back to my seat, but the whole experience was really fun and a little a bit dreamy! It's really nice to get this kind of recognition and it is hugely appreciated. Thanks for all your lovely tweets! 

    EATS //
    I've accidentally become a bit obsessed with the Kabuto Noodles from Whole Foods. I was never a huge Pot Noodle fan, but these are like the more authentic, better for you version. They come in a load of different flavours that I've working my way through this week.  Delicious! 

    For daily photos, follow me on Instagram @lilypebbles 

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    Spring beauty launches have started appearing all over the place, unfortunately the weather man didn't get the memo! 

    An upcoming launch that's bound to make a stir is the Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamels. Scented nail polish is something I've never really missed in my collection, but nevertheless I was intrigued enough to give them a go! 

    In the collection of 20 shades, there are 3 fragrance families to choose from: Fruit & Floral, Sweet & Spice and Fresh. My initial concern was how the scent would be noticeable through a top coat, so to test it out, I did one hand with top coat and the other without. The glossy formula is supposed to last even without a top coat, although I just feel incomplete without using one. 

    Without the top coat the scent was definitely stronger, I felt it still smelt a lot like nail polish but with a slightly sweet twist to it. With top coat the scent was hardly noticeable but the polish did look more complete. 

    So what are my final thoughts on these? Really cute packaging, a nice shade selection (with maybe a few too many metallics for me) and the formula was nice to apply and lasted well. The added scent for me is unnecessary, but if you like products that smell yummy, it's a nice added bonus to a good nail polish. 

    What are your thoughts on scented nail polish? 

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  • 02/02/14--05:00: A FEW LITTLE THINGS

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  • 02/02/14--23:00: NEW FOR NEUTRALS

  • Two palettes have been burning a whole in my drawer throughout January, but now No Money Month is over I can finally tell you all about them. One of which I love and the other that was a little disappointing. Stop trying to guess, I'll tell you... 

    When this palette was first presented to me I literally "oooooooed" like the little aliens in Toy Story. From first look it seems like the perfect palette, a nice mix of nudes with a few darker smokey shades and a whole row of mattes (that's hard to come by!). The top row is all "shimmers" although I would definitely call them glitters and they range from warm to cool shades. On the bottom row is all mattes and they are all incredibly wearable shades with again, both warm and cool tones. This palette comes with some great extra features like a little guide book to help you identify your eye shape and the look that will suit you. It also comes with a mini mascara and a brush that is actually decent for a change, it's double ended and works really well. So here's what disappointed me with this palette.. When taking a closer look I quickly realised that the 6 highly glittery shades were wasted on me as it's a very rare occasion that I wear a lot of glitter on my lids. It's great to have so many matte shades but I was not that impressed with the quality and found them to be quite chalky. After a few hours the shadows started to crease and go patchy which is something that I never experience with eyeshadows. It's a huge shame for me, but I know a lot of people do love this palette so each to their own! 

    Clinique Neutral Territory 2 // £32
    The Clinique eyeshadow palette (worn in the photo above) blew me away and exceeded my expectations. It's a lot smaller than the Smashbox one, it's pretty much the size of an iPhone but thinner. There are only 8 shades but they couldn't have been selected better. The lighter shimmery shades are great for both highlighting and wearing across the lid and then the mix of neutral browns and slightly orangey reds makes it a bit different from other palettes I have. It's a great size for your makeup bag and the quality of Clinique eyeshadows are so buttery, easy to blend and long lasting. 

    So this time my pick would be the Clinique palette, but two exciting launches and well, you can never have enough neutral eyeshadow palettes can you? 

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    I hope you've all enjoyed my posts this month, here is a roundup of some of my favourites that you may have missed... 

    Rimmel Apocalips New Shades - Long lasting lip lacquers in even better shades... 

    The Liquid Liner - Which one's I like to use for an easy black flick... 

    The Repurchase Test - Stop, before you repurchase have a read of this... 

    Utilise Your Beauty Stash - Making sure you get the most out of your stash... 

    Beauty Tips for Passport Photos - My tips on making a photo last 10 years... 

    Drugstore Nail Polish Hall of Fame - My top picks from the drugstore nail shelves... 

    Quick Fix Mud Mask - My best affordable skincare find this month! 

    Beauty Bloggers' Drugstore Favourites - Passing the mic  over to the girls who really know their stuff! 

    What's been your favourite #nomoneymonth post? 

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  • 02/04/14--07:21: THE WISH LIST

  • For my first ever wish list post I've jotted down seven products that I've recently had on my mind. Usually if I really want something I'll find a way to make it happen, but this list is more the things I want but know I don't need or just haven't had the final push to pick it up. 

    This is always on my wish list, but I just know I don't need another palette. It has such a beautiful range of shades all in a sleek palette. It's had great reviews but it's also pretty much impossible to find in the UK. Maybe next time I go to America I'll have a swatch and see how great it really is... 

    After tweeting about my yellow nail issues I have been on the hunt for the perfect base coat. I'm currently trying out a couple from Orly but I've always had my eye on this CND one too. It's next on my list if the Orly ones don't work out!

    This is something that Anna loves and I've never really tried anything else other than my MAC cleanser for spot cleaning my brushes. This is a lot cheaper than the MAC one though so when I run out this will be going in my Cult Beauty shopping basket.

    From the same brand and another Anna recommendation, this is something completely new to me. A spray to keep your compacts clean and it's so easy to use, you just spray it directly onto the product and it's done! I need this in my life. 

    After finishing my little sample pot, I'm kind of starting to miss this cleanser! It's a creamy, gentle cleanser that's quite different to the others I use. I find it nice as a break when my balm cleansers start to feel too oily. I'm going to hold out on this one though as I have so many other cleansers to use up! 

    This one is on here purely out of curiosity on how it compares to my favourite Therapie Himalayan Detox Bath Salts. I'll be trying them next when I run out of my current pot! 

    Unite Hair Perfume // 
    After getting a sneak peak at this upcoming launch I literally can't stop thinking about them! Small, cute bottles of hair perfume that smell incredible, protect the hair from UV rays, keep colour in good condition and reduces static. Did I mention that they smell so good?! 

    So that's my current wish list, sitting patiently on my iPhone notes for a day when I'm in that shopping mood. What's on your wish list? 


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    I spent the second half of 2013 raving about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders which barged their way into my non-powder using life and changed it forever. I can't get enough of the light textured, glow inducing powders and so when I heard of a possible blush sibling I was a very excited girl. Blush is my thing and one of the products I can't live without so I've been putting them to test and I'm ready to report back. 

    The blushers are £28 each and are now available on pre-order on Space NK. There are six different shades, each individual blush with it's unique hand-made swirl. The effect is somewhat along the same lines as the original powders, illuminating, glowing and give that 'lit from within' look. Although the brighter blush shades are all mixed in with lighter powders, they still give really good pigmentation and show up more than you would think. The shades are easy to blend and leave a flush of colour with a beautiful sheen for a subtle highlight. 

    The shade 'Mood Exposure' didn't appeal to me at first, as out of all of them it is more like a bronzer but after trying it, I'm now in love. It sits in the same category at NARS Douceur as a sort of "contour with a flush" shade, although I'd say it's rosier than Douceur. For something brighter, 'Radiant Magenta' is a combination of a fuchsia blush with a soft Radiant Light Ambient Powder. Swirled together and applied on the cheeks it can either be worn as a sheer bright pink or built up to be something more dramatic. 

    I love the finish of these and they remind me of the MAC mineralize blushers. I'd definitely recommend them and I'll be looking into some of the softer, peach shades too!


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    I have drawers, yes multiple drawers full of MAC lipsticks, but I rarely stray away from the cremesheen, lustre and matte finishes to explore the limited edition offerings. The Huggable Lip Colours really stood out to me though, the shade range is great with mainly wearable pinks and nudes and the tall, sleek packaging is a nice change for MAC. The problem with MAC limited edition collections is that they sell out fast, but this time round I was lucky enough to get to try the shade that stood out to me the most, Cherry Glaze.

    I find Orange Reds to be really flattering, but because they're brighter than the softer shades I usually opt for I really rely on wearable formulas to make it work. The idea behind the Huggable Lip Colours is a lasting, glossy finish that doesn't compromise shine for colour. The lipsticks are gel based, so although the shades are really pigmented, they glide on easily like a sheer lipstick would. 

    What I found was that you could press it onto the lips for a light wash of colour or really layer it up for that 'huggable lip' look. Something I really like as well is the way it faded throughout the day, really natural without going patchy or needing to be wiped off. 

    The Huggable Lip Colours are £17.50 and if there are any left on your local MAC counter I'd definitely recommend trying one! There are also some available on Selfridges here. Have you tried this new MAC launch?


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  • 02/06/14--05:00: Q&A

  • For this week's video I'm introducing myself to any new subscribers and letting my current subscribers get to know me a bit better. Thank you for all your questions, I had enough to make multiple videos, but it's just this one for now!

    Want to know my favourite Disney film, why I started blogging, who I'd most like to collab with and answers to lots of other random questions? Watch above and subscribe below! 

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  • 02/06/14--23:00: CONTOUR // POWDER & CREAM

  • Don't freak out, I know the word contour is a bit makeup artist-y but most of you are probably doing it already with your bronzer. I was using my NARS Laguna to contour my face long before I even knew what the word meant. If you're happy with your 3-shaped bronzer application then keep going with it, but for something a bit more sculpted and defined, contouring is for you! 

    In non-technical talk contouring adds shadow to the parts of your face you want to sink back, compared to the highlighted parts which will be brought forward. Adding dimensions to your face helps if you don't have cheekbones, if your face is quite round or if you are filming or taking photos. I like to contour on my filming days because without it, sometimes I can just look a bit flat. 

    The places I usually apply product are below my cheekbones from my ear to my non-existent dimples, on my temples and sometimes along my jaw. Contouring can also be used to narrow your nose and change your eye shape... but let's leave that to the pros, yeah?

    I have two very different products that I contour with, Illamasqua 'Hollow' which is a cream pigment and Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder which is of course a powder. 

    For this one I use my fingers and the Real Techniques Contour Brush. At first the product is quite hard so I use my finger to warm it up and then apply it with my finger directly onto the skin. From here, I then use the contour brush to blend away until it looks more like a shadow than a line. 'Hollow' is a great shade for those with pale skin as it is grey-toned and shows up very light on the skin. It can be used almost anywhere on the face, although I didn't really rate it as an eyeshadow. 

    This one is more like an ashy bronzer and I use a small fluffy brush like the Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Sculpt to apply it. As it's a powder you can easily get a good amount of product on the brush, but because of this you can also easily over do it. I like to take the product off on the back of my hand before applying it and I find it blends out really nicely into a defined but realistic shadow. It's definitely darker than 'Hollow' but is in no way orange so would work on most lighter skin tones too. 

    My pick for every day use would be the Kevyn Aucoin as less blending work is required but for those with pale skin and a little extra time, the Illamasqua cream pigment is a fun option to play with. Do you ever contour and what's your favourite product to use?


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  • 02/07/14--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    This week I have really enjoyed wearing my Dana Levy bracelets. They're so unique and I love how they look piled up on top of each other. If you're looking for jewellery that you won't see on everyone, this is a brand worth looking into! 

    LIFE //
    Exciting news... I'm going to the Brit Awards! I'll be sitting on the Revlon table with some of my best blogger friends, so I think it'll be an amazing night and I can't wait. I've finally decided on a dress and I picked this embellished one from ASOS. It's really heavy and great quality so I was chuffed to have found it in the sale. Now to find some shoes... 

    EATS //
    A random 'eat' that I've been obsessed with this week, Marks & Spencer Pressed Pineapple juice with a hint of lime. It's one of those drinks you drink in one go because it's too good to drink slowly. Refreshing, thirst quenching and delicious! 

    Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @lilypebbles for daily photos! 


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