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  • 06/01/16--23:00: THE NON-SLOPPY SHEET MASKS
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    Sheet masks had their moment last year, it's a trend that's been popular in Asia for a very long time but has only recently made it's way over to us. I loved the idea of a pre-soaked mask but no matter how many I tried, I couldn't get past the unpleasant slimey texture. I also found that the masks never really fit my face so I had to lie down to prevent it slipping off... the whole thing is usually a little bit stressful and not quite how a mask application should be. I'd given up on sheet masks until I met Nanette de Gaspé who had come over from Canada to launch her masks exclusively with Selfridges.

    These are unlike anything I've tried before. There are a range of different masks available, for your hands, eyes, face, neck and mouth... all the areas that age the fastest. The very light, soft material called Techstile wraps around the area so it stays in one place without moving. The eye mask wraps around your ears and the hand mask around your thumb, they're so comfortable to wear. It's a brilliant technology which means the mask stays dry and waterless but still penetrates the skin and it seriously works. I've used the hand and eye masks and after removing them you can really see and feel the difference on the skin. It's a technique and science that I'm sure lots of brands will be investing in, but for now Nanette de Gaspé is the first and her masks are exclusive to the Selfridges Beauty Workshop. The masks are priced quite high from £60 to £85 and can be used up to 3 times. There's so much you can read up on the science if you're interested and to check out the masks, see here.

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  • 06/02/16--23:00: BENEFIT GOES BROW CRAZY!
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    Since Benefit first launched in 1976 (yes, you heard right, 1976) they have always had a focus on brows. They started with just one boutique in San Fransisco but to this day have 1800 BrowBar beauty lounges in 49 countries around the world. It's been three years in the making but Benefit have finally been able to launch their much anticipated Brow Collection, a team of existing and improved brow products as well as brand new team members.

    The collection includes an incredible 9 products and 3 brow tools. The entire collection will be launching nationwide from 24th June so let me give you a run through of the products so you're ready to pounce when launch day rolls around...

    TOOLS // The grooming tweezer and brush (£15.50) is a double ended tool with "diamond-dust coated" tips foe extra grip. They're incredibly precise which is just what you need for those fine hairs!  The Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie (£15.50) has a hard-angled brush on one end for filling in brows with powder and quite a hard spoolie on the other for taming unruly brows. The All-Purpose Sharpener (£4.00) does what it says on the tin. For large and small pencils, it's just handy to have in your kit.

    HIGHLIGHTING PENCILS // High Brow (£17.50) is a creamy brow highlighting pencil  that is a soft pink for a natural highlight just under the brow. High Brow Glow (£17.50) is High Brow's glowy sister... It's a champagne pink that you can also use in the waterline of the eye to give a wider, more awake look.

    HIGHLIGHTING GEL // 3D-Browtones (£18.50) gives subtle highlights to the hairs in your brows to enhance the contract and create texture giving a more 3d look to your brows.

    EYEBROW PRIMER // Browvo! Conditioning Primer (£21.50) gives brows a fuller and more healthy look as well as working as a base for brow products so they last longer and are more enhanced. It contains keratin and soy proteins to help brows look thicker, healthier and fuller.

    BROW SETTERS // Gimme Brow (£18.50) is a tinted brush on gel with volumising micro fibres for fuller looking brows. It comes in 3 shades and is long-wearing and water resistant. Ready, Set, Brow! (£18.50) is for those you like clear brow gel just to set things in place. It won't flake, it dries quickly and claims to have a 24 hour staying power.

    BROW PENCILS // Goof Proof Brow Pencil (£18.50) is a double ended brow pencil (with a spoolie on one end) for those who like to do things quickly with minimal effort required. The pencil is thicker and angled and there are 6 shades available. Precisely, My Brow Pencil (£18.50) is a similar double ended brow pencil but this one has a super fine tip so you can create hair like strokes . There are also 6 shades to choose from.

    THE POWDERS & GELS // Brow Zings (£24.50) is a duo kit available in 6 shades with a powder and wax in a pocket sized kit. It also comes with an extendable double ended brush and tweezers so you can brow on the go! Ka-Brow! (£18.50) is also available in 6 shades and is a cream-gel formula with a pull out slanted brush for easy application. This product helps to sculpt and define the brows with a small amount of product.

    There is literally something for everyone! My favourite combo is the Precisely, My Brow Pencil with the Ready, Set Brow. It's a really exciting launch for Benefit and a great way for people to get more into brows as I really think it's an important step in your makeup routine.

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  • 06/07/16--23:00: DATE DAY & NIGHT VLOG
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  • 06/12/16--23:00: GRWM & VLOG
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    SX5B2656 SX5B2663 SX5B2664 *This post contains a paid for advertorial by Philips As you all know, I've been a huge fan of epilating for about a year since my friend Keisha introduced me to it. I used to shave my legs and found that the hair would grow back the same day, thicker and more coarse than ever. Since epilating, I have seen the most amazing results so I now exclusively epilate my legs, underarms and arms - it's fair to say it's been pretty life changing (as far as hair removal goes!). For me, the pros completely outweigh the cons! It's more painful than shaving for sure, but I personally find it less painful than waxing. My hairs have been growing back thinner and more gradually so it's not all in one go, so it's visually more subtle. I epilate around once a week which is crazy compared to my old daily shaving routine! I've recently moved on from my entry level epilator and I'm testing out the Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator. It's quite different to what I'm used to as it has a really wide head, so it picks up all the really fine hairs very well. Something I noticed straight away is how light it is to hold and the slighter longer S-shaped handle means it fits into my hand really nicely. It can be used for both wet and dry use, although I personally prefer to use it on dry legs. It also comes with a huge selection of attachments including a body brush for exfoliation, a body massager to relax and give radiant skin, different sized heads for personalisation and to epilate on different areas of the body as well as a shaver head and trimming comb. I'm really getting on with it and it's the perfect timing just before Summer kicks in! You can check out the Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator here and if you have any questions on epilating feel free to message me, I'll be happy to talk further about my experience.

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  • 06/19/16--23:00: JUNE FAVOURITES WITH A TWIST
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  • 06/28/16--00:33: WELCOME TO LA
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  • 06/28/16--23:00: LA’S BEST UBER DRIVER
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    IMG_0017-2 If you've followed me for a while you'll know that I like to speak up about the subject of moles. I first spoke about it in this video (after having a few removed and feeling a little sore) and then again recently in this video where I showed a much safer alternative to getting a tan. To be honest, talking about one of your biggest insecurities isn't fun at all but I feel a massive responsibility to do so, so here I am... I often get asked where to go to get your moles checked and really the first thing you should do is go to your GP. They will either advise you or if it's not something they can help with they'll refer you to a dermatologist either on the NHS or private. I've been doing mole mapping for about 10 years now which essentially is an annual check up to keep an eye on changing moles and to remove any that need removing. I recently tried out the brand new service at the Cadogan Clinic and I was incredible impressed. I visited as a brand new patient to experience the Mole Mapping service and will now be going there annually for my checks. I know it can be a daunting thing, so let me talk you through what happened... I met with the dermatologist who was a really lovely, patient lady and we chatted briefly about my previous experience with mole mapping. She then asked me a few questions for my file and to understand more about my skin and the risks. Questions such as have I ever used sunbeds? Did I live abroad growing up? Do I smoke? What factor sun cream do I use? When in the sun do I burn before I go brown? Do I have any hobbies that involve being outdoors a lot? How many times in my life have I burnt so badly that I peeled? I then moved over to a curtained off area to undress into my underwear. Using a dermatoscope (like a magnifying glass with a light) she examined every single mole on my body, top to bottom, simply by looking through it onto the skin. She's highly trained to examine and see if a mole needs to be removed or monitored further. It turns out I actually have something called A-Typical mole Syndrome which means I have over 100 on my body that are all irregular shapes and tones (which means they're harder to monitor myself). You can have all kinds of irregular moles that will never be dangerous, but it's important to have them checked by someone who knows, just in case. She circled a few moles that she thought should be monitored closely and then I went into another room for the mole mapping. This involved me standing in my underwear and facing a few different directions whilst having photos taken of my body. These photos aren't to identify dangerous moles, they're to monitor any changes or new moles that appear between annual appointments. So then I was done... the whole thing took about 45 mins (but would have been less if I hadn't have chatted so much!). I'll continue to get more moles up to the age of 40 and during pregnancy they are likely to all change and get darker. It's one of my biggest insecurities and dislikes but it's just something I have to deal with. I'm so happy I never used sun beds and that I've always been educated about sun protection and mole mapping. I'm doing the most I can possibly do to prevent any scares and I think it's important that the subject is spoken about more freely. To find out more about the Cadogan Clinic Mole Mapping service, see here. Speak to your GP if you have any concerns.

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  • 07/03/16--23:00: WHAT’S IN MY SUITCASE
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  • 07/12/16--23:00: NOT-SO SUNNY SUNDAY | AD
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  • 07/19/16--03:27: WEEKDAY FACE
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    boat (1 of 1) It seems I'm a little backwards when it comes to my weekday/weekend face. I know that a lot of my friends do their makeup nicely for work and layer up the products so they last all day but when it comes to the weekend they opt for the minimal "no makeup makeup" look. For me, it's always the other way around. During the week I'm usually at home working, sometimes popping out to run errands or visit my parents.  I usually keep my makeup pretty simple during the week but at the weekend I enjoy taking my time and trying new makeup looks. I've been wearing the same look almost everyday during the week, six products that I know will get me through the day but will hardly take any time or effort to apply. it cosmetics CC Cream // I absolutely love this (slightly lemon scented) tinted moisturiser for a medium coverage. I either apply it with my fingers or with a beauty blender and it's almost undetectable on the skin! Urban Decay Naked Concealer // I've used this concealer exclusively for over a year now and it's still my number one. It gives a really nice amount of coverage which means it evens out your base especially when used with a damp beauty blender. I use this under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin and I don't usually need to set it with powder. Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil //  I recently switched from the Anastasia Brow Wiz to try out this new pencil from Benefit and I'm still loving it. It's very similar, with a spoolie on one end and a fine pencil on the other. It makes filling in your brows very easy and you're left with a nice subtle effect. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette //  This palette has almost everything you need, I used it for my bronzer, highlight, blush and eyeshadow. The bronzer and highlight are the same as those in her Filmstar Bronze & Glow, they're both so smooth to apply and leave the skin with a subtle contour and highlight. There are two blushers, one is slightly brighter and the other is a more muted pink. On the top row of the palette there are three shadows but I only tend to use the middle shimmer all over the lid and then the matte brown in the crease and under the eye. This palette makes doing your makeup so easy and quick. L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Hippie //  This is a new mascara that I've just started testing and so far I'm really liking it. It's more subtle than most of my mascaras but still gives a nice curl to the lashes because of the large brush and it comes out really black! By Terry Baume de Rose in Rosy Babe //  Just a little lip balm usually does the trick and this one is slightly tinted pink. I find that it really plumps the lips and looks very flattering. So that's my current weekday face... it's simple but it does the trick and allows me to snapchat without giving everyone a complete fright! Follow me on snapchat 'lilypebbles' as I usually snap daily and they're like little mini vlogs!

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  • 07/19/16--23:00: WHAT’S IN HER FRIDGE
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    I've wanted to film a "what's in my fridge" for the longest time but Rich and I still haven't got into shopping/eating routine at home. So instead of boring you with my empty fridge I roped in my friend Gemma to show us what's in hers. She has a background in nutrition but is also just a normal, healthy eating girl who's really into food. I hope you like this video!

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  • 07/20/16--23:00: A QUICK BREAK | AD
  • SX5B3018

    SX5B3010SX5B3077SX5B3065SX5B2988SX5B3007SX5B3054SX5B3106SX5B3099SX5B3109SX5B3155SX5B3018 *This blog post contains a paid for advertorial by Farfetch If you follow me on social media you would have seen that a couple of weeks ago, I spent the week in the beautiful south of France! We had a friend's wedding so we decided to head out a week earlier and soak up the sunshine & gorgeous surroundings. It's a place I've been visiting my whole life so every smell, all the sounds and recognisable faces are so nostalgic to me. On this particular evening we headed to Old Antibes for dinner at La Taille de Guepe, which is an amazing restaurant that incorporates real, edible flowers into every dish. Their rose, jasmine and violet ice creams are a must try! Old Antibes is one of my favourite areas because despite being surrounded by popular tourist areas, it's managed to keep it authenticity and it just feels so French! The little alleyways are so pretty to walk through and I love to look up to see the french shutters on every window. On this warm evening I chose to wear my new Ray Bans with my Madewell Top, Clavin Klein Jeans and Steve Madden shoes. I accidentally matched my nails wearing Essie "Bikini So Teeny" which has always been a much loved summer shade of mine. Without a doubt my favourite part of the look is my new Chloe "small Faye" shoulder bag that I got from Farfetch. I have a terrible addiction to black handbags and the idea that they'll "go with everything" but a nude handbag is the perfect summer staple. The small Faye is actually really not that small, I was so surprised when it arrived. There are three sections inside the bag and it opens really wide giving plenty of room for your belongings. I love the classic "Faye" chain & loop design on the front and I also like the mix of silver and gold hardware used on the bag. The motto grey suede is really easy to pair with outfits as it's a neutral tone and the bag is soft with no harsh edges. If you haven't yet visited Farfetch, it's a brilliant shopping site that makes shopping in boutiques so much easier. Farfetch gives you access to over 400 independent boutiques around the world via their one easy to use website. I'm so happy with my new bag, it's a gorgeous new addition to my collection!

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  • 07/26/16--23:00: DRESSING UP FOR A BALL
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  • 07/31/16--23:00: SUMMER SALE HAUL
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  • 08/02/16--23:00: I HAVE A NEW HOBBY!
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