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    IMG_9990 I feel like I talk about these lipsticks all the time but since the initial launch I haven't written much about them on my blog. If you watch my videos you'll see me wearing these all the time, the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks are without a doubt my favourite matte lipsticks on the market. They are long lasting and pigmented without being drying or flat looking. The square bullet makes it easy to apply and I always reach for one when I want my lipstick to last for hours.

    There are a couple of shades I haven't yet tried and want to, like Very Victoria and Walk of Shame but for now, let me tell you about my favourite three.

    Red Carpet Red A rich, dark red that looks beautifully velvet on the lips. It's the perfect in between red that's not too bright with just enough vampy-ness. I've always come to the end of this lipstick which shows how much I use it. It's easy to reapply if it fades and just looks beautiful on.

    Bond Girl This is probably the nearest to a brown lipstick I've ever been and I love it. The plum undertones makes it easy for a brunette like me to wear but the hint of brown makes it really on trend. It's still quite bold without being as intense as a red. A daytime bold if you will.

    Love Liberty  For something a bit different but still really flattering I always wear Love Liberty. It's a brighter berry toned lipstick that's still quite dark and sultry. It's the perfect Autumn shade, although truthfully I wear it all year round.

    My favourite 3 shades of my favourite matte lipstick! Which one is your favourite?

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    Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 23.11.10

    So this is a bit different.... Rich and I had so much fun getting ready for New Year's Eve that I thought I'd turn the camera on and film the whole thing. I think the video says it all, so enjoy!

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  • 01/18/16--23:00: THE WEARABLE KYLIE POUT
  • IMG_0042

    IMG_0052 IMG_0042

    Ok, I admit it, I am completely addicted to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It's my Sunday night ritual and I love it! I'm not even sure I'm particularly fond of the Kardashian sisters but there's something about the show that makes me never want to miss an episode. Kylie, the youngest, is known for her pout and we all know it's not natural but it doesn't stop us forever searching for the perfect Kylie lip shade. The browny/nude pout is back from the 90s and I kinda like it!

    I'm really into matte nudes at the moment but for today's post I wanted to show you the more wearable, natural browny pout that I've been wearing a lot. I start with a lip liner because I find it's easier to define the lips and it also means you can ever so slightly push right to the edge to enhance your lips and fill them out a bit. The Lancome long-lasting lip contour in 211 Beige Rose is Lisa Eldridge's absolute favourite and I know that because she told me herself! It's a pretty soft rose and the pencil is really soft so it feels great, the only problem with that is it requires frequent sharpening.

    Once the lips are lined I apply the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth lip colour in Spiced Rose. It's a very wearable brown as it has quite a lot of rose pink in there as well. It's a very pigmented lipstick but because it's so creamy it doesn't look over the top. The two go perfectly together and have been the perfect combination for me over the past month.

    What do you think? A Kylie pout that's a bit more achievable?

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    Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.58.51

    I don't often do review and swatch videos on single products but occasionally something is released that really gets me excited. I spotted these new MAC liquid lipsticks before I went away and I couldn't get them out of my mind for the whole week!

    As soon as I returned I picked up 5 from my local MAC store and in today's video I'm talking through the shades I have and giving you guys my thoughts along the way. I hope it's helpful!

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  • 01/20/16--23:00: NO ORDINARY DAY // AD
  • IMG_0081

    IMG_0071 IMG_0073 IMG_0079 IMG_0081 IMG_0084 IMG_0089 IMG_0094 IMG_0098 IMG_0107 IMG_0115

    Do you ever find you get stuck in a rut? That your surroundings irritate you and you're constantly distracted by the smallest things!?

    Usually when this happens I find it's time to change up my usual surroundings, even in just a small way. If you’re a student there are a few ways you can do this; try changing the place you study or if you're stuck in your bedroom try putting on different music. It can all get a bit monotonous! If you work in an office it can be a bit harder to mix up your surroundings but when I was working full time in an office I found it really helpful to change desks occasionally. There always seemed to be a spare desk somewhere and spending an afternoon sitting near different people really helped keep me alert.

    On Tuesday I spent the day in Brighton and it was so nice to have a change of scenery. I got the train down early and headed to Anna’s for what we call a “study day”. I love writing blog posts on the train, it’s so quiet and calming and I work really well when there are other people around so I got loads of work done throughout the day. I also found it really inspiring walking out and about in Brighton during our lunch break, just being able to walk along the sea front really helped clear my mind.

    Throughout January Starbucks are encouraging you to try something new and make your day that little bit more exciting. They're offering the chance to personalise your drink at no extra cost for the whole month. So if you manage to break away, even just for a quick break, go wild with the syrups - I will be!

    *This post contains a paid for advertorial by Starbucks

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    IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0060 IMG_0051

    Last week I attended the Tom Ford Spring 2016 showcase where they introduced us to the products coming up this Spring. As well as some beautiful new cream eyeshadow shades and some very long lasting eyeliners they demonstrated the new Patent Finish Lip Colours and I found them really interesting to learn about so I thought you guys would too.

    The idea is a super glossy lacquered lip that eventually dries down to a stain. The packaging is exclusive to Tom Ford, a click style pen that dispenses the product into a very soft (almost furry), cushioned applicator. It does take a while to come out at first and I found that even once the product was on the applicator I had to use about 5 or 6 clicks to evenly distribute it on the lips. The formula is very thick so I found it hard to get a precise shape on my lips, it almost feels like spreading jam with a sponge.

    The finished effect is gorgeous, a lacquered glossy lip, but I do think it's quite editorial. I'm not sure it's something a lot of women would feel comfortable wearing... It felt nice on the lips but as it's so glossy it transferred onto everything when I was drinking or eating. After blotting the product it did look nice as a stain but kind of defeats the point of the product.

    I think these are really exciting and worth trying next time you're near a counter... but do be warned, they are not for the light hearted.

    There are eight shades and each lipstick is £38

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    Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 13.11.43

    I watch YouTube videos every single day without fail. Whether it's in bed in the morning, whilst Rich is playing on his Xbox or during my evening skincare routine, there is always some kind of video on in the background. I like to watch anything and everything but there are some channels that really get me excited and who's videos I watch as soon as they go live!

    So in today's video I'm talking through some of my most recommended channels so I hope you find some good ones!

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    IMG_0177 IMG_0179 IMG_0184This is so exciting and I'm over the moon to be the first blogger to announce this collaboration. My two favourite brands, NARS and Space NK have come together to create The Modern Minimalist beauty box.

    It retails for £60 and launches in Space NK stores and online on February 2nd. So there's the vital information, now let's get onto the good stuff... what's inside!

    The box is pretty much "a look in a box" and it was created by the NARS UK makeup ambassador Andrew Gallimore. The most exciting product inside the box is full a size version of the new Velvet Matte Skin Tint, which you can pick in your shade before buying the box. I absolutely love the tube packaging of this foundation and although it's matte, which isn't usually my thing, I've found this foundation to sit really nicely on the skin and blend in to look very natural. I apply it with a damp makeup sponge and it looks beautiful on the skin.

    As well as the foundation you'll get a mini Audacious Mascara in Black, a mini Lip Gloss in Priscilla, a mini Large Than Life Black Eyeliner, a mini Blush in Orgasm and a mini Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. There's no denying the value of this box is incredible! So many amazing minis that you can throw straight into your handbag and use on the go for a subtle, elegant look that would pretty much suit anyone.

    Die hard NARS fans or those of you who are new to the brand and want to try it out, be prepared for 2nd Feb - I'm pretty sure you'll want to get your hands on this one.

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    Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.08.00

    I've been collecting my empties and as well as any new bits I've picked up. So for today's video here is an epic unboxing beauty haul where I also talk through the products I've finished and repurchased!

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    Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.21.17 copy

    Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.21.04 copy Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.21.17 copy Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.21.26 copy

    Seeing as I've been talking SO much about lipsticks recently, liquid lipsticks in particular, I thought I might as well keep going - what can I say, I'm having a moment. Today's post is a little different though, it's a look at something a bit more affordable and bit more accessible.

    The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colours are brand new, they come in 7 shades, cost £8.99 and will be officially in stores from March (although they always come out earlier than they say!). I'm a big fan of the packaging, small enough to pop into a small handbag, you can clearly see the shade inside and the elongated doe-foot applicator is easy to use.

    Revlon describes the formula as "100% wax free gel technology, with lightweight coverage and an intense, defined matte finish". The scent is a mix of mango and vanilla which I really like, it's nothing too offensive. The formula really reminds me of the NYX Soft Matte Creams, they have that velvety texture that feels cream-like and soft on the lips. Honestly though I don't find these very matte. For me, a matte formula means no shine and a long-lasting finish but these left a shine on my lips that didn't dry down. I also found it didn't set like my other liquid lipsticks do and if I brushed my lips with my finger the lipstick would move easily.

    They look and feel great, but I do think the marketing may be slightly misleading. I'd recommend using the lighter shades in this as it's really comfortable to wear and looks great without feeling drying, but if you're wanting a long lasting, matte red, opt for a liquid lipstick instead.

    I hope this review was helpful, let me know if you think you're going to be trying these when they come out in stores.

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  • 01/28/16--23:00: STARTING MY BULLET JOURNAL
  • IMG_0198

    IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205

    I want to start this post by telling you about my notebook obsession. Like many people, I have a stationery addiction and have done since school... since the days where I desperately tried to over compensate for the lack of revision by buying all the revision supplies. I'd say I currently go through around 6 notebooks a year.

    Last week I came across "Bullet Journaling" - journaling isn't really a word we use in the UK, but let's just go with it for now. It was created by a guy called Ryder Carroll who's a digital product designer living in Brooklyn and it's essentially a format created for writing in your notebook and keeping it more organised. I often start notebooks but then end up changing it half way through and there's not much order to the pages inside, a few timelines but other than that there are endless pages of lists in no particular order.

    I started looking into Bullet Journaling and began by watching Ryder's video and although I found it quite confusing and overwhelming I still liked the fundamental idea and I became obsessed with creating order in my daily notebook. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube where others show what's inside their Bullet Journal (the whole camera face down on your notebook thing is very popular on YouTube) what I found though was that most of them were from America and it was hard for me to relate to such a different lifestyle. I also found that most people use it for every day living, for shopping lists, wellbeing goals not for work where as I only really use my notebooks for work. So after watching hundreds of videos and looking at hundreds of images on Pinterest I think I've found the right place to start and I'm sure as the months go on my notebook will adapt to my needs. I found Boho Berry's blog post and videos good for inspiration, so definitely check her out before you start.

    I ordered this LEUCHTTURM 1917 A5 notebook from Amazon, he says any notebook would do but I wanted it to be small enough that I can carry it in my handbag if I need to and I wanted it to have page numbers - this is pretty essential. I also like how this notebook opens flat and I chose to get a Dotted book to encourage creativity within my notebook. I felt like lines would restrict any doodles/tables and squares just make me think of a maths book.

    I won't try and explain Bullet Journaling to you, Ryder's video can do that (also the written instructions on the website are easy to follow), instead I'll show you what I've done inside mine. Please note that I'm showing it as a shell, once it's filled it becomes quite confidential and private so although it doesn't yet look pretty, you get the idea...

    I started with the Key, something I can refer back to if I'm unsure of the symbols. I then created a Main Index, the original format suggests only one index but as I'll be using this for endless blog post and video brainstorms I wanted to keep that separate so it's less confusing. The page numbers are written next to the topic (after you've created the topic page) so it can easily be found in the notebook. I then drew out my own 2016 calendar and this is mainly so I can have an overview of the year or turn to it if I need to find a date/day quickly.

    On the following page is the Future Log and I find this bit slightly confusing but as far as I'm aware it can be the next few months (or 6) where "tasks" are moved to at the end of a week if you decide to "Schedule" it and save it for a future month. The next page is a "Brain Dump" page, as it sounds, a place to write anything random that you need to get on paper.

    I then created a Statistics Tracker where I can keep track of my stats - although I might not keep this up, numbers aren't everything it just might be interesting to see how things progress and change throughout the year. Then comes the Monthly Log where the month is written out on one page and you can use this like a monthly calendar. On the opposite page you can write any key tasks that you want to get done that month.

    Following the Monthly Log comes the Daily Log which is ultimately like your daily to do lists but you don't plan them ahead, you do them day-by-day. It's also here that you use the Key using bullet points for a task, a cross for completion, circle for event, star for priority and left and right arrows for scheduling and migrating (moving with you to the following month). You can add any symbols to the key if you need to.

    At the back of the book, using the bookmarks so I can easily access them, I put in my most important pages. My Video Schedule and Blog Schedule, where I have the date, title and a tick list. For my videos I use FEISFT which stands for filmed, edited, info box, scheduled, Facebook, tweets and for my blog I use PTSFT which stands for photos, text, scheduled, Facebook, tweets. I can easily keep track here of what has been done and what is left to do. I like to keep them separate as I plan my videos much further ahead and it gives me a clearer idea of what's coming up. I add the videos into the blog schedule as I post them on here the following day.

    So, how's your mind? Blown. Yeah, I felt that way too. It's completely overwhelming and confusing but I think once you get it, it can be life changing. I'm excited to see how it works for me and don't worry, if it's a complete flop I'll be sure to tell you! If you want to sort of do it but not really, I'd say take inspiration from the index idea and the idea of filling in your notebook month by month. That's the fundamental part of Bullet Journaling that I think is really useful.

    So, will you be trying the Bullet Journal?

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  • 01/31/16--23:00: JANUARY FAVOURITES 2016
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 14.40.12

    Here it is, my first monthly favourites video of the year! I actually loved filming this one more than usual because there's a real mix in there and I was excited to share it. So I hope you enjoy the video!

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    Being a grown up and having to food shop sucks. It's twice as confusing when you work from home and have to pre-think about what to eat for lunch. I used to love popping out and trying cool new places for lunch but being in the flat means I need to have a stocked fridge, ready for the hunger to strike. I'd noticed that Rich and I had fallen into the habit of rarely ever food shopping. We'd pick up bits that we needed as we decided we needed them but we'd put off a big weekly food shop, out of laziness really. Then what happens is the flat has no food and when it comes to breakfast and lunch I'd have to make something up using whatever I could find. It rarely ended well.

    I thought I'd keep a week's food diary, not really for health reasons but more so I could see where I was lacking and where I could swap in some new meal ideas and ingredients. Seeing it on paper makes it much easier for me to write a shopping list. I knew this would only work though if I kept it completely honest and didn't try and eat better so it looks better in the diary.

    So here it is! Showing the contents of your food diary is a bit like showing someone inside your underwear drawer (although you're likely to just find granny M&S pants and cashmere socks in there). It was really interesting to see it all down in writing though, I'd highly recommend trying it. Here's 10 things I learnt for my week long honest food diary.

    I drink more than I tell the dentist // You know when your dentist asks "how many units do you drink a week" and you're like "ohh I rarely drink, only occasionally when I go out!". To be fair, it was a busy week with lots of events BUT who knew I drank so much alcohol?! It's not the end of the world as I know I have a balance and some weeks, especially when I'm at home I don't have any. I'm glad I've found "my drink" though, Gin & Tonics are definitely one of the more clean drinks out of them all. When the fridge is empty // I end up collecting the most random things in the house and trying to make some kind of meal out of them. Rice cakes with humous and cucumber?! That's just not enough nutrition for my liking. Eating better when eating out  // There are so many reasons why I get lazy when cooking at home so it means when I eat out I study the menu hard and pick the most delicious, (most the time) healthy dish so it means when I eat out I'm usually getting a lot more goodness than I am when at home. I need some breakfast inspiration // I've always hated breakfast and I usually either have avocado on toast or porridge with fruit and maple syrup. It's so boring though and I really have to force feed myself. I want to find a breakfast that I love and want to eat. I also need to make my Birchir Muesli recipe more often! I miss my juicer // When I lived at home I had a juicer but somehow it didn't make it's way over to our flat (thanks Mum!). I used to find juice was a great "in the meantime" when I wasn't quite ready for breakfast or wanted to delay lunch so I could make something interesting. Carrot, apple and celery is my favourite combo. I need a new juicer. So I DO have a sweet tooth // I've always insisted that I don't have a sweet tooth and although I still stand by my "I'm more of a savoury person" fact, this diary shows me that I can rarely get through a day without some kind of chocolate, biscuit or sweet. It's often something small, I'm not one to over indulge on chocolate but nonetheless it's there. I've bought some dried fruit this week to see if that works as a substitute. Tea does NOT have to equal two biscuits // I've developed such a habit over the years of having two biscuits with my evening cup of tea. I actually think that if I took a sip of tea it would curb those cravings but I immediately dunk in a biscuit before I've even had a sip! I'm going to try and go biscuit free this week. I think if they're just not in the flat, I won't eat them! Bring back the lunchtime pizza rolls! // I used to eat these Pizza rolls for lunch and they're so so good I don't know why I stopped. They're really easy to make, you can customise them however you like and it's the perfect lunch for me. I'm bringing these back in a big way! Hangry Habits //  Being a hangry person means when hunger strikes there is no time for cooking, faffing or experimenting, I just need to eat! So to avoid eating whatever I see first I'm going to try and make soups or salads on Sunday to last the week. At least then it's already made and all I have to is serve it up! Bottles of Water // Thanks to Evian who sent me a huge box of left over water from Wimbledon I have been drinking a whole load of water recently. I love Evian so that helps but I also think opening a new bottle made me more likely to finish it to prevent waste. I'm not going to be buying hundreds of bottles of water though, it's terribly bad for the environment but maybe I'll get a reusable bottle and try to drink one a day!

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    Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 15.56.20

    Sorry that it's been so long since my last vlog, I've honestly just really enjoyed making other content. I hope you enjoy this vlog and don't worry they haven't gone anywhere, I just vlog when I want to vlog! Thanks for watching.

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  • 02/07/16--23:00: WARDROBE TOUR
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.09.09

    When we bought our flat we knew that we'd have to be clever when it came to storage and that was also the case with storing clothes. There was no obvious space for a wardrobe so we had to get creative. In this video I'm showing you how and where we store our clothes and then in an upcoming video I'm showing you some of my most worn items! Enjoy.

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  • 02/09/16--23:00: EASY ORGANISATIONAL TIPS
  • Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 15.03.46

    I definitely class myself as someone who is organised but I wouldn't say I am your typical organised person. In this video I'm giving my tips and tricks on how to be a bit more organised in your every day life.

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    Buy tickets here


    I'm so excited to finally announce another #BeautyChatLIVE event! This time round Anna and I have partnered with Clarins to do three dates at their brand new Urban Oasis pop up. To celebrate the launch of their new Multi-Active Day and Night creams, Clarins will be popping up in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham and now, we will be too!

    We're spending one night at each location and there will be two Beauty Chat sessions at each venue where we can chat, hang out, try products and browse all the exciting things Clarins have put on for us.

    So here are all the details you need to know...


    The North Atrium, Westfield London: Wednesday 24th February Session One: 6.00pm-7.15pm Session Two: 7.45pm-9.00pm Buy tickets here Rotunda Square, The Bullring, Birmingham: Wednesday 9th March Session One: 6.00pm-7.15pm Session Two: 7.45pm-9.00pm Buy tickets here Castle Street, Edinburgh: Wednesday 23rd March Session One: 6.00pm-7.15pm Session Two: 7.45pm-9.00pm Buy tickets here   Tickets Tickets cost £15 and include champagne reception, canapés, complimentary treatments and a goody bag worth £25 that's filled with our hand picked favourite Clarins products. I literally can't wait, it's going to be so much fun. So if you want to join us, you can get your tickets using the links above, please be quick as spaces are limited.   *This post contains a paid for advertorial by Clarins

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    Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 13.18.05

    This week's video is a Q&A! I haven't done one in a while so I wanted to sit down and have a good old chat. I asked you on Twitter to send me your questions so here are my answers! Enjoy!

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  • 02/23/16--08:16: TRY ON HAUL
  • Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 22.27.45

    In case you missed Sunday's video here it is. I've been trying to spruce up my wardrobe recently adding in a some sportswear and few other pieces. I hope you like the video!

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    Catch up with my weekend shananigans. A bit of shopping, lots of eating and hanging with friends. I also had a mini closet clear out to make room for some new things. Enjoy!

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