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  • 04/12/15--05:00: MY MAKEUP BAG COLLECTION
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 16.29.41

    Ok, it's time to admit my addiction to makeup bags... I seemed to have built it quite the collection over the years. It's something to do with the idea of organising your makeup all in one place that just gets to me and makes me feel giddy. I love them. So here's a little video of my collection, enjoy!

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  • 04/12/15--23:00: THE CURLY HAIR STORY
  • 1

    1 2007:2008 2009:2010 2012 2013 2014:2015 After posting my Style Evolution post, which you all seemed to like, I thought it was about time to talk through the story of my hair. I'm always asked about my natural hair type, so here's the story from past to present. As a toddler I had blonde curly hair that stopped people in the street but behind the scenes it was a struggle. I hated having my hair washed and it would often get all tangled and the hairdresser would have to hold me down and cut out the knots. It wasn't until I was about 6 that I started to really have a say and I'd demand that it stayed in a low ponytail, with a scrunchy of course. I wouldn't let anyone touch it, brush it or wash it... it was my own little curly mess that I just wanted to ignore. As I grew up, towards the end of primary school I remember being quite jealous of the girls with straight hair and I so wanted those two straight bits of hair that would often fall out when they had their hair up in a ponytail. My 'bits' were just frizzy clusters, but I still decided to cut the front of my hair myself... it was a disaster of course. As I went into my teen years I knew I had to do something with my hair and I couldn't just leave it in a low frizzy ponytail any longer. My best friend, who's a year older than me had similar hair and so I adopted her routine and products but I never quite accepted my curly hair like she did. I found it overwhelming and irritating, so I never enjoyed wearing it down. I used Sebastian Wet for a while and also the Shockwaves Mousse (extra strength). Both of these products made my curls crunchy, but at the time the 'wet' look was what I wanted because the only time my hair wasn't frizzy was when it was wet, so that was my aim. I stuck to those products throughout my teen years and experimented wearing my hair half down, half up and sometimes in a side plait which just didn't work with my texture hair as it made the plait all stiff. I'd get a trim once a year but going to the hairdresser was a horrible experience for me. I found they never understood my hair, they'd make a bit fuss over it and the amount of combs that were snapped before I started taking my own brush in was unreal. I started to straighten my hair at University when GHDs became a thing. I had the large straighteners for afro hair which I thought made it easier, but actually meant I couldn't get to the roots properly. Because my roots were never that straight and I was so worried about the 'frizzy bits', I often wore a thin elastic hair band, clipped half my hair back and wore it half down. I found wearing it all down quite hard as my hair didn't have any shape to it and I was always told to keep it long as it will weigh down the curls and stop them from being too puffy. After a couple years of straightening it (for special occasions), my curls were really damaged so when I did wear it curly it looked kind of strange. The roots would be really curly but the ends were quite straight and at this point I was using curling creams, like Sebastian Potion 9 or the Regis Curling Cream (which I think is discontinued now). I found creams worked better as they didn't make my curls crunchy but kept a hold and I'd learnt to get used to the feeling of soft curls (without freaking out that they were frizzy). When I started working full time I'd wear my hair straight more often as I found it easier because it meant not having to wash it every other day and with straight hair you can switch between styles. I always hated how with curly hair, once you tie it up that's it! So I got a bit of ombre put into the ends and I often clipped half back just because it would look a bit puffy otherwise. My hair was so damaged that the ends were quite thin whilst the top was still thick. One day, a few years into blogging I tucked my hair into my jumper and took an Instagram photo (above with orange sweater) and I was really surprised with how it looked. I'd never considered cutting my hair short as the quality of my hair was never good enough and with curly hair it's a massive commitment having short hair. I didn't like short curly hair on me so I knew once I'd cut it I would be committing to straight hair. I decided to cut it, cutting off the damaged ends and it looked SO much better. I haven't grown it since, unless I know I'm going on holiday and have to wear it curly, then I need the extra length so I let it grow a bit. My hair is usually collarbone length or sometimes a bit longer and I've had balayage put in, which is a colouring technique that's really subtle. I like having lighter hair around my face but ombre didn't quite work for me. I go to Jason and Katherine at Hershesons in Harvey Nichols for my colour and cut and they always do a fab job! So nearly a thousand words later and I think that's it. Thanks if you stuck around! That's my hair story and the reason why I stick to one look and one look only now that I've found a cut and style I'm happy with. I will always be the girl who has to carry an umbrella or who doesn't want to get my hair wet in the pool. I have to schedule aside time in my week to wash and straighten my hair and when people frown upon me straightening my hair everyday I tell them it's dead already. That's my hair story, what's yours?     Thanks Becky Steel for requesting this blog post. If you would also like to request a post, please submit your idea here.

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  • 04/13/15--23:00: FOR THE BROWN EYED GIRLS
  • IMG_8999

    IMG_8999I'd say brown is the most boring out of all the eye colours - sorry, it's true. It's harder to use your eyes as a focus point in your makeup when they're dark brown, those with lighter hazel eyes have an easier job but if you have my eye colour you'll know what I mean. Showing off your eye colour may be harder with brown eyes but it's not impossible and in today's post I'm going to recommend my favourite eye products that really compliment chocolate brown eyes.

    Brown on brown is really easy to wear and if you find the right brown to compliment your eye shade it can look really sultry and sophisticated. MAC Teddy is a gorgeous deep brown eyeliner that looks great smudged along the lash line. The By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon is a really pretty, shimmery bronze that works nicely all over the lid and taken quite thick under the eye. MAC Woodwinked is one of my most used MAC shadows, especially for nights out. The gold and bronze shimmer really catches the light and this shadow has one of the most buttery formulations I've tried. Estee Lauder's stay in place shadow paint in Chained is my favourite cream shadow as it has a strong orange tint to it that warms up your makeup look and adds a bit of Olsen grunge.

    Purples and greens are always a good place to start when you want to wear more colour. They work really nicely with brown eyes, so again it's just about finding the right shades to suit your brown eyes. The By Terry Ombre Blackstar Misty Rock is a pinky/purple shadow with silver shimmer, which isn't usually something I'd go for but it gives an amazing 'wet' look to the lid that's so unique. MAC's Quarry is the perfect crease colour which can be worn with neutral browns and works nicely under the eye too. The Kiko shadow in 233 is the most purple I've every tried but adding just a bit of this into the outer corner of the eye adds something a bit smokey as an alternative to brown or black. I've nearly come to the end of my Charlotte Tilbury Elizabeth Violet eyeliner, it's by far my favourite and most worn! It's almost an aubergine colour so it gives the same effect as a brown but with a slight purple tint that really flatters my brown eyes.

    My two green picks come from MAC, Sumptuous Olive for something easy to wear all over the lid during the day and Club for an intense smokey eye, the one shadow that does it all and blends out into a deep brown. If you want to be a bit adventurous, I found the Kiko shadow stick in 31 really flattered my brown eyes, but you can read more about that one here.

    So we may not have piercing blue or green eyes but brown eyes can look great too, you just need to play around with the colour wheel. Let me know if you give any of these a go and how you get on!

      Thanks to Ida for requesting this post. If you would also like to request a post, please submit your idea here.

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    Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 13.40.59

    Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 13.40.59I often get asked about working from home and how I stay motivated. It seems that a lot of you also work from home and I think it's becoming more and more common to work for yourself and it definitely comes with it's pros and cons. Staying motivated is difficult when you have no manager setting you work or checking up on you. It's difficult to think that noone would know if you just didn't work or if you didn't get out of bed. I am the least likely candidate for any kind of motivational "you can do it" speech, but somehow since working for myself I have become more dedicated and motivated than I ever was in my previous jobs. So here are some ideas for how to stay motivated when working from home...

    Find a space //

    Whether it's the corner of your lounge, bedroom or kitchen or even your own office, try and find a space to call your work place. Having a designated area means work starts when you're there and ends when you're not. It brings some kind of order to your day and acts as a hub for you to work from. Whether I'm filming, taking photos or making lunch, I always have my desk to come back to and can pick up where I left off.

    Ready, Steady, Go //

    Even if noone is going to see you all day, try to get dressed and make yourself look presentable. Even if that means tracksuit pants and an old t-shirt, getting up, getting showered and getting dressed will make you feel more alert and motivated. I do my hair and makeup almost every day (mainly because I need to take photos) and it really helps me feel like my day has a purpose.

    Goals & Lists //

    I don't set myself goals and to do lists every single day, but if I know I have a full day working at home and I'm feeling a bit all over the place, they really help me to focus. I write realistic goals for the day and then work out my to do list from there and write it down in order of how I'd like to do them. I find ticking boxes really helps me feel like my day is moving forward, so take your time to finish one task at a time and tick it off the list!

    Plan Ahead // 

    I often write my goals and to do lists the day before so I'm not overwhelmed in the morning. That way I know what needs to be done the following day, what time I need to wake up and it gives me the push to get down to my desk and start working my way through the list.

    Get Out //

    Sometimes a change of environment can do wonders when you're a bit distracted and agitated. Find a little cafe that you can take your laptop to and you might be surprised at how much you get done. Buddy up with someone else who works from home, I personally find it really helps to have someone else around and it really gives me the motivated to get work done.

    So there are just a few tips but obviously it'll be different for everyone. I hope this was helpful to some of you and if you have any of your own tips please do leave a comment!

    Thanks to Jess Corcoran for requesting this post. If you would also like to request a post please submit your idea here.

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  • 04/15/15--05:00: Q&A: #askLP
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 19.21.06

    There's no weekly vlog this week I'm afraid but instead I filmed a Q&A taking your questions from Twitter! I had fun filming this so I really hope you enjoy it and let me know if you'd like me to do more in the future!

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    Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 13.02.06

    IMG_8996IMG_8998Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 13.02.06It seems that everyone is obsessing over the Anastasia Contour Kit at the moment but it never interested my just because I found it to be a bit big with too many shades that won't work for me and slightly too complicated. I was happy with my Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow but then I saw this one from Smashbox and it really caught my eye. First of all let's get this out of the way, the Smashbox palette is £35 for three shades and the Anastasia is £39 for six, but if it's not just a bargain you're after then maybe, like me, you'll prefer the look the Smashbox palette. I like that it's simple with the three shades that'll work for me; a contour, a bronzer and a highlight. It also comes with a brush which is nice and short for travelling, really soft but only really works well with the contour shade. The contour shade on the left is a nice, cool toned powder that is less grey than the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder and less bronze (and shimmery) than Charlotte Tilbury's. I think it's a great colour for contouring on my skin tone and did exactly what I needed it to. The middle bronze shade is nice too and I love that this palette comes with a bronzer! For me, I can't just contour and highlight, after putting foundation on my skin it always need warming up a bit. I use bronzer first all over and then contour for more definition. The highlight is interesting as I have never really used a matte highlight before. I would have preferred it to either have been a shimmering golden highlight or a yellow based setting powder. I do, however, think it's a good highlight if you can bothered to be precise with your highlight. I like that this one little palette puts three makeup items in one, making life so much easier when packing makeup together for a trip. It's small enough to travel with and I would genuinely use all three shades. The powders are easy to blend and they're quite sheer which I actually like as it means you don't over apply! This is definitely a strong contender in the contour palette game and I'm really happy with my purchase!

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  • 04/16/15--23:00: A DAY IN THE LIFE: 16 HOURS
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 18.40.28

    For today's video I wanted to try something a bit different. I had no idea how it would turn out, there are definitely things I would change next time but I did the best I could and I think I'm pretty happy with it. I won't say anymore... if you'd like to watch, please do. Enjoy!

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  • 04/17/15--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS 18.04.15
  • 11

    11Ok so let's just call this the Lily Collins week. Last saturday night I somehow convinced Rich to let us watch 'Love, Rosie' a film adaptation of the book written by Cecelia Ahern. I didn't know much about it but the trailer looked cute and I was in the mood for an easy-to-watch, rom-com type film. After about ten minutes Rich chose to go an watch football in the other room but I loved the film. It had some great young british actors in it and the whole feel of the film was just so lovely! As someone who grew up with a male best friend it was so nice to watch and well, here began my obsession with Lily Collins. Where have I been? How did I not obsess over her before? She is so beautiful and cool, although I was slightly disappointed to find out her British accent was put on, but I'll forgive her! I've spent all week watching interviews on YouTube, stalking her Instagram and just generally girl crushing big time. In other news, this week has been glorious in the UK. Finally, proper Spring weather and I even got my legs out, shock horror! I filmed some of my shenanigans this week so keep and eye out for my weekly vlog on Tuesday and until then, have a great weekend!

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  • 04/18/15--23:00: TOPSHOP BLUE RINSE
  • IMG_9003

    IMG_9003It doesn't seem possible for one person to be so obsessed with blue nail polish but believe it or not I've done it again... I've fallen in love with a pastel blue nail polish. Blue Rinse is part of Topshop's spring collection and reminds me of some of my favourite periwinkle blue shades. It's slightly brighter than Nails Inc Winter Lilac, slightly less purple than Essie Bikini So Teeny and less blue than Essie Lapiz of Luxury. It's fun for spring and one of those blues you can't take your eyes off! I've always been a fan of Topshop nail polish, they're £5 and are seriously frat quality. I think this might be my favourite spring polish! Well... until next week.

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    Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.44.39

    This month's makeup routine video is a tutorial of the blue eyeliner look worn in my Makeup Bag Collection. I asked, you replied, I filmed. I'm obsessed with this look at the moment so I hope you like the tutorial and give it a go yourself!

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  • 04/19/15--23:00: GLOVE BOX BEAUTY
  • IMG_9013

    IMG_9013I've been keeping a small bag of beauty products in my handbag for years, but it had never really occurred to me to keep a stash in my car glove box too. It seems so obvious as I spend so much time in my car driving around London, so now I have a few essentials just in case I need them. It's not too dissimilar from my handbag stash, but let me talk you through what's currently inside my glove box...

    There are a few motion sickness related products that I like to keep near by, Kwells pills which can be chewed or swallowed (very handy) and the Caudalie face mist which is great for relaxing and it helps me with nausea. I have so many of The Body Shop Grapefruit hand sanitisers as they're my favourite so I always have one around. It's nice to have a hand cream too, it gives me something to do when I'm a passenger! This is my Grown Alchemist one but I'm not too fussy with hand creams and switch quite frequently. Hairbands for when I get stressed and want my hair out of my face, I am loving these Invisibobbles at the moment because they don't create any kinks in the hair and don't hurt when on your wrist.

    I like to have some kind of perfume in case I'm going straight out and want to spruce up, this one is Elizabeth & James White Nirvana and I also keep some hay fever pills so that my eyes don't look quite so red and evil. Finally (apart from some essential lady accessories) I keep a lip balm and my current favourite is by First Aid Beauty and it's their Ultra Repair Lip Therapy.

    Just another excuse to buy a makeup bag and fill it with random beauty bits really... You in?

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  • 04/20/15--23:00: 5 YEARS OF TOPSHOP BEAUTY
  • IMG_9033

    IMG_9033I remember Topshop launching their beauty range like it was yesterday, but apparently it's been 5 years, which is crazy! I've always been really impressed with the quality and presentation of the products, so I'm not surprised that it's done so well.

    To celebrate 5 years of success, Topshop Beauty is introducing an exclusive collection made up of the 5 most in demand products and shades from the past 5 years. The collection has been wrapped in limited edition packaging which is a beautiful rose gold take on their usual packaging. So what's in the collection?

    The Glow Pot in Polished which is a gorgeous cream highlighter that I love to use, especially in the summer. The Cream Blush in Head Over Heels which is a cream to powder blusher in a spring coral shade. I've never tried their Magic Liner from the 2012 'Sisters of the new moon' collection but it's obviously a hit with customers as that's in there too in a classic black shade.

    The Topshop lipsticks have always been popular and they seem to pick the perfect shades to go with the changing trends throughout the year. There were a couple of shades I was surprised not to see in here, but they picked the top selling shade from each of the 5 years and they were Rio Rio (bright red), Ohh La La La (coral), Innocent (soft pink), Nevada (nude) and Beguiled (wine). So there's a nice mix of brights, dark, nudes and light pinks.

    I'm a huge fan of Topshop nail polish as it's affordable, great quality and they have the nicest shades. Over the past 5 years Topshop have sold over 2 million bottles to their customers! I was obsessed with Pool Party so I'm sad not to see that on the list, but the top 5 are Adrenalin (pink glitter), Heart of Gold (gold), Green Room (bright green), Parma Violet (lilac) and Boy Next Door (pale blue).

    I think it's a great idea for a collection and a lovely way to celebrate 5 years of Topshop Beauty! The 5 years collection will be available on the 5th day of the 5th month 2015. Of course!

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    Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.00.15

    It's time for another weekly vlog, this time spread over two days with lots of sunshine, friends and fun times. Enjoy!

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    IMG_9098IMG_9093 When I pre-warned Anna of this blog post, she replied "I don't believe you". Well believe it, after a nearly three year friendship this is the very first time we have both liked the same mascara. For Anna, she's always after a waterproof formula that gives real definition, length and curl to the lashes and she usually prefers the plastic wands but I prefer mascaras that give a bit more oomph and make quite a dramatic difference to the lashes without requiring much work.

    Anna's all-time favourite mascara has been the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Waterproof mascara for quite some time but it's impossible to get hold of and always sold out (it's the Vivianna effect) so I wasn't able to try it until now.

    So what's the deal? Available from Cult Beauty and Beauty Mart for £18.50, it's a mascara invention by Japanese celebrity Aya Yasude after she cut away at her existing mascara wands to create the perfect shape. It is quite a bizarre shape actually, three little bobbles that sit on a curved wand and surprisingly it really does grip the lashes well. It definitely gives more of a natural look to the lashes compared to what I'm used to but there's no denying the incredible curl it gives. The formula is super waterproof so unlike some other mascaras, the curl actually lasts! I like to use the tip of the wand to get the outer lashes and because it's round there's no danger of poking at your eye, which I greatly appreciate.

    I found that it made my lashes quite soft when usually they feel 'crispy', so I'm guessing the jojoba seed oil in the formula did the trick. It's definitely worth giving a try and seeing as both Anna and I like it, it must be a good all rounder!

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    Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 13.10.27

    Well the timing for this video worked out well didn't it? After this month's Beauty Chat video hosted on Anna's channel, it seems this month's theme is body hair! Lovely.

    It's something a lot of us have to deal with and whether you like to leave it and deal with it or you prefer to remove it, my friend Keisha and I thought it would be helpful to talk through the different methods we've tried and tell you about our personal experience. Enjoy!

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  • 04/24/15--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS 25.04.15
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 14.42.22

    Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 14.42.22I've been a bit all over the place this week, trying to balance my personal and work life but we all know how that feels eh? Some weeks they run smoothly alongside each other and others the ratio gets a bit mixed up.

    Earlier on in the week I visited the new Hersheson's Braid Bar in Topshop, Oxford Street. They're offering a 15 minute braid for £15, so I went for the S-braid and I was so impressed! Even with my stubborn hair and short layers they created a really gorgeous braid that stayed in place all day and evening and looked great. I hardly ever wear my hair up as I'm not very good at styling but I'd definitely go back, especially if I have an event that I want my hair done for.

    I also made a small Amazon order picking up a few bits including the Happy Handmade Home by the girls from A Beautiful Mess. It's one of my favourite blogs and has been for years so I've wanted to buy this book since it came out. Everything Elsie and Emma do is perfect, pretty and very inspirational so I'm sure I'm going to love flicking through the pages of their book.

    Other than that, the only news I have is that I'm attempting to get into Snapchat again. I gave up last time, but I don't like to feel left out so I'm going to give it another go! My username is lilypebbles so if you are on snapchat, add me! And let me know how it works because I still have no idea...

    I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you back here tomorrow for a new video!


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  • 04/25/15--23:00: Chanel Mediterranee
  • IMG_9111

    IMG_9111Ahead of tomorrow's post which is a full review on the Chanel Beauty 2015  collection, I thought I'd show you my favourite nail polish shade from the new selection. 707 Mediterranee is a described as a "pure, deep, ocean blue". It's a bright aqua and I think it's really nice for the summer. It's a sophisticated take on Topshop "Pool Party", a bluey green that's not pastel, for a change. What do you think? Come back tomorrow to see the full Chanel '15 collection.

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    Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 14.31.41

    It's monthly favourites time! But as well as a round up of my favourite beauty products from this month I'm also showing you something new and special that I've been loving. I hope you enjoy the video and comment on this post to let me know what products you've been loving this month.

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  • 04/26/15--23:00: CHANEL SUMMER 2015
  • IMG_9105

    IMG_9105Chanel's 2015 Summer collection is based on one of my favourite places in the world and the place I spent a lot of my childhood, the French Riviera. Cap D'Antibes, Nice, Cannes... all of my favourite places in the South of France inspired this bright and vibrant collection. It was a favourite destination of Coco Chanel's and was somewhere she went to escape Paris and enjoy nature, by the sea, in beautiful weather.

    The collection is made up of 6 different products, but let's start with the complexion and the most eye-catching of them all... The Illuminating Powder in Lumiere D'Ete is a creamy powder in a golden tan shimmer. This can be applied on the face, on the points where the sun would naturally hit as well as on the decolletage. The floral design is beautiful but it's the formula of this powder that's so unique like it's almost creamy. For the eyes Chanel have released the Stylo Eyeshadows which come in travel friendly 'wind-up' packaging and in 5 bright, Summer shades. The diagonal cut of the shadow stick makes application really easy but again it's the formula that steals the show. This is probably the most creamy and soft cream eyeshadow stick I've tried. It doesn't at all drag the lid and it sets really nicely after blending, so that you can wear it in the heat and on the beach, if you wish. There are two neutral browns, one more orange and one more taupe but for something a bit special try the green, aqua or purple shades. I personally love shade 147, it's dreamy.

    Alongside those two products, which are the stars in my opinion, the collection also includes a pretty purple waterproof eyeliner, 4 Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks, 2 bright lip glosses and 4 Summer nail polishes (one of which was in yesterday's post).

    The collection really reminds me of the chic French ladies, sun kissed and gorgeous, bold enough to wear a bright lip on the beach and I love it! It's out on 8th May so put it in your diary. Doesn't that powder make your heart flutter?!

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    IMG_9101Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.36.57I find foundation reviews the hardest to write. I slap it all on, spend the whole day staring at my face in the mirror (repeat daily for about a week) and then try and form an opinion. Usually if a foundation has made it's way into my daily stash and is still there a month later, I know it's a keeper. In this case it's a little easier to write about as it's not just a new foundation, but an update of a very well know face base.

    The Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation was a huge blogger favourite a couple of years back and I definitely gave into the hype and bought my own tube of the stuff. The original formula was very thick and almost paint-like on the skin. For girls who like a full coverage though, this was the foundation of choice. It was originally created for photo shoots, as a high coverage, long wearing, photo-ready foundation for the models.

    So what's the update? Well the original formula with it's matte finish has had a rename and is now called the Silk Creme Photo Edition Oil Free Foundation. This one is aimed at those with normal to oily skin, it provides "12 hours of wear" and is incredibly pigmented for a full coverage. As well as the rename, Laura Mercier has added a new foundation to the line, the Silk Creme Photo Edition Moisturizing Foundation. This formula is aimed at normal to dry skin types and has a luminous finish compared to it's matte other half. The pigmentation and wear-time is the same as the original formula but the added shea butter and sodium hyaluronate provide a moisture boost that drier skin types need.

    I gave the new foundation a go and it pretty much does what it says on the tin. It's still very full coverage with a very strong pigmentation that I'm not sure suits my skin so well, but the extra glow and luminosity was greatly appreciated. I think it's great to have the moisturising option as matte foundations aren't everyone's cup of tea, but you still may need the full coverage this foundation offers. I found choosing a shade a little challenging as Cream Ivory was too pink and Ivory (which I settled for in the end) was too yellow. I think a neutral ivory is definitely missing from the range! As with all Laura Mercier foundations though, there is a good range of shades for different skin tones.

    The two foundations are out now and cost £35.00 each.

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