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    So apparently it's all about makeup in stick form this Spring. Everyone's doing it, NARS, No.7, they seem to be popping up everywhere and I'm all for ditching the brushes and simplifying your routine. When I was in town shopping away (evidence in this haul video) I went into Kiko to see if they had anything new. 

    As soon as I walked in I spotted the Velvet Touch cream blushers and the Radiant Touch cream highlighter hidden amongst them. I found the shade selection to be a bit strange and nothing really stood out to me so I ended up asking the sales assistant which one has been the most popular and she pointed me in the direction of 'Natural Rose'. I also picked up the Radiant Touch highlight in 'Gold' to see how it compares to Benefit's Watt's Up and the No.7 Instant Radiance. 

    So let's start with the blush. It applied easily, straight from the bullet onto the cheek and blended out well with fingers, but I preferred the finish when using a small buffing brush. The colour is just as it says, a natural rose and the finish is a velvet/satin that has a subtle pretty glow to it. The highlight comes in two shades, rose and gold, but I kind of wish there was a champagne too. The gold is very pretty but maybe it's a little too gold for everyday wear. If you're after a highlight for an evening look this one is nice but it's maybe a bit too glittery for the day. I like how the product is slightly rounded so it's easier to apply onto the cheeks, unlike the NARS ones which are quite blunt.

    The Velvet Touch blushers are worth looking into and for only £7.90 I think they're a great addition to your makeup bag for Spring/Summer. Have you tried either of these from Kiko?

    A proper review of the NARS Matte Multiples should be on it's way, in the meantime here is my first impressions video. 

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  • 04/04/14--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    I'm so happy to have finally found some boyfriend style jeans that don't make me look huge around my hips. I tried on loads of different styles and none of them worked but I finally found awinner in River Island with their Ashley jeans. They're "slim boyfriend" so there isn't a lot of excess material making you look bigger than you are, but they still give that slouchy look. They're super comfy and I roll up the bottoms so they work well for Spring. 

    LIFE //
    I've been getting a bit bored with my hair colour recently. I'm limited with what I can do style wise because of my hair type so I'm temped to experiment with some lighter shades to make things a bit more interesting. I know ombré is done and a bit last year but I still really like it and I think if it's done well it can look so pretty for Spring. So here's my question to you.... should I add in some lighter tones or not? What do you think?

    EATS //
    This week Anna and I popped along to a Dim Sum making masterclass. It was hosted at the new Ping Pong in Westfield Stratford and Ping Pong has been a favourite of mine for years! If you haven't tried Dim Sum before it's worth checking out, they're basically little dumplings filled with goodness. Actually making the dumplings was hard, but I kind of got the hang of it in the end! 

    Have a great weekend and fingers crossed for good weather!! 

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  • 04/05/14--23:00: ESSIE TRUTH OR FLARE

  • Whilst I felt the majority of Essie's Spring Collection Fashion Playground were duplicates of shades I'd seen many times before, there was one shade that really stood out from the rest. 

    'Truth or Flare' is a gorgeous blue/grey that's chic and grown up whilst still being fun and different. I'm completely obsessed with it and have had it on my nails all week. 

    The Spring collection will be in stores this month, each polish at £7.99. I'm predicting this shade will be the sellout so get in there quick if you love it too! 

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    I'm so excited for this video as I got to collab with one of my favourite YouTubers, Sammi. She's a complete babe with impeccable beauty and fashion taste so we got to together to create a couple of fun videos together. Check out our non beauty favourites on my channel and our 5 staple accessories on her channel. 

    I hope you like them, please show the videos some love, subscribe to Sammi here and subscribe to my channel below! 

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  • 04/06/14--23:00: BETTER THAN NAKED?!

  • Too Faced is one of those brands that kind of confuses me, a bit like Benefit. The packaging is really fun, quirky and somewhat gimmicky and you can spot the brand in-store in Boots. When their new Spring launch the Chocolate Bar palette landed on my desk I immediately thought "ooh neutral palette budget buy". I then saw the price tag... £45?! What? I'm confused... 

    So putting my personal confusion of the brand aside, let's just agree that despite not looking high end, Too Faced is in fact a high end brand and sits somewhere amongst Urban Decay and Smashbox. My immediate thought on their new Chocolate Bar palette was that I couldn't possibly write about it because the high price tag just doesn't make sense, but then I tried it and wanted to report back. 

    So let's get the frills out the way first. The tin packaging with a magnetic close is handy and hygienic and clearly it is supposed to look like a chocolate bar. There's a decent sized mirror inside although I tend not to use these anyway. The eyeshadows are infused with cocoa powder so you can actually smell chocolate when you open the palette (not for me, but kinda cool I guess!). The palette comes with a clear cover on the shadows that show the names, which I think is a shame as I like to see the names of the shadows actually written under them.

    So now onto the good stuff, the shadows and a comparison with it's biggest competitor the Naked palette. There are 16 shadows in the Chocolate Bar palette compared to 12 in the Naked palettes. Two out of the 16 are double shadows and these are a matte and shimmer highlight. The quality of the shadows are excellent, much better than I thought they would be. They're buttery, pick up well on the brush and blend out nicely. I found the quality wasn't consistent throughout the palette with a few shades not being quite as great, but the majority were. In terms of texture, I think the good shades in the Chocolate Palette are actually better than the Urban Decay Naked ones. There is only really one shade I dislike which is the light pink 'Strawberry Bon Bon' but the rest are really wearable. My favourite shades include Hazelnut (a brown shimmer), Cherry Cordial (burgundy shimmer) and Milk Chocolate (matte crease shade). 

    I like the range of shades in the palette and it reminds me of a combination of the Naked 1 and Naked 3 palette. The overall feel is warm toned but it has a good mix of mattes and shimmers. 

    So what's the deal? Is it worth buying this instead of a Naked palette? The Naked palettes are £37 each, so if Too Faced had priced theirs the same it would have won hands down in terms of what you get for your money. I think if you were to splash out on that extra £8, I'm not sure it'll be hugely beneficial. The Naked palette no matter which one you choose has everything you need already...

    There's no straight answer, it depends what works best for you. All I know is that this palette is a strong contender and worth trying out if you're looking to invest in a good neutral palette and haven't yet got a Naked one. It's available here from the Debenham's website, let me know if you decide to pick it up!

    Check Temptalia's post here for in-depth swatches and comparisons. 


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  • 04/07/14--23:00: HAIR TOOLS SIMPLIFIED

  • Now I'm the first to admit that I'm talentless when it comes to hair styling, but after years and years of experimenting I feel confident enough to recommend two hair tools that will change your (hair) life. 

    For straightening, I have always been a fan of GHDs. They're the best out there hands down and for Spring they have launched a set of limited edition stylers in Lavender, Periwinkle and Jade. The new shades are for the smaller size straighteners which are personally my favourite (in the past I've also had the large ones) because you can then use them for curling your hair too. Aside from being beautiful and the perfect shade of blue, these Periwinkle straighteners are great because they glide effortlessly through the hair and I know they're going to be sturdy and last through my everyday use. 

    For curling I have never really found "the one". I usually just use GHDs to create some movement in the hair because in the past when I've tried tongs I've either burnt myself or created funky looking curls that drop after 15 minutes. For those of you who, like me, are not blessed in the hair tonging department then this hair tool will completely amaze you. The Babyliss Perfect Curl is probably the most terrifying hair tool out there. It sucks your hair up into a barrel, spins it, holds it on the heat for your preferred time and then releases "the perfect curl". There are two products available, a pro version (Perfect Curl) and a consumer version (Curl Secret) with the only difference being a few extra settings to change the direction of the curl. I've found using mine on the middle heat for 10 seconds works best and I'm not going to lie, it's the longest 10 seconds of my life whilst I pray my hair makes it out alive. 

    It's an incredible product that's worth the price tag and finally I am able to curl my hair, whether it's properly curled all over or with just a few to add some movement. Life. Changed. 

    Do you use either of these tools? Which hair tools do you swear by?


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  • 04/08/14--23:00: THE GREEN JUICE

  • Working from home means I save money and I'm no longer spending £10 a day in Itsu, but it also means I've developed a bad snacking habit. I've always loved juicing (check this post for some delicious recipes) but I find the process of cleaning the juicer incredibly boring. I wanted to get into another juicing habit, but one that includes a blender. The great thing about blenders is that, unlike a juicer, instead of separating the pulp from the juice it just blends it all together. Yes, this means you get a thicker consistency but it also means you get all the nutrients that are usually lost in the pulp that's thrown in the bin. 

    I'm completely in love with my Breville Blend Active and it's been well loved by everyone in the house. You simply fill up the bottle with your ingredients, screw on the lid, tip it upside down and clip into the blender. Then blend it all together (it's really quick), unscrew it, wack on a lid and you have your drink. It's amazing because you don't need to use a separate glass if you don't want to, it comes with two sports bottles that are ready to use straight away. Have a look at it properly here to see what I mean!  

    I spoke to one of my best friends Gemma Landau who is a nutritionist to find out her favourite green juice recipe and I adapted it slightly by adding pineapple juice (if you watch It's Judy's Life, you'll know why). So here's the recipe, it's a great drink for rehydrating in the afternoon and it's become my mid afternoon snack or even my breakfast substitute when I don't have time.

    Let me know if you make one yourself and please send me a photo @lilypebbles on Twitter or Instagram! 

    1/4 cup of coconut water
    1/4 cup of pineapple juice
    1/2 apple (skin on)
    Small chunk of cucumber (skin on)
    Small bunch of spinach or kale
    1/2 avocado (peeled)
    Sprig of mint
    Squeeze of lime

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  • 04/09/14--23:00: CLINIQUE CHEEK POPS

  • The Clinique Cheek Pops have probably grabbed my attention more than any other Spring beauty launch so far. They look incredibly visual with the detailed embossed flower print, vibrant colours and clean perspex packaging. 

    My first impressions were that they must be cream blushers but when I went to swatch it with my finger the formula was hard and the flower pattern didn't move around like I expected it to. After playing around I realised the best way to apply these blushers (that turned out to be powder) is with a brush, so I used my Real Techniques Multi Task Brush. 

    I found the first layer to be quite sheer but as I layered it on the vibrant colour really showed and although it's a powder, when it's on the cheek it looks like a cream. There's a subtle glow to it that looks really fresh and pretty. I also noticed that it lasted really well throughout the day, keeping it's vibrant colour and glow. 

    The new Cheek Pops come in four shades, Ginger Pop, Berry Pop, Peach Pop (worn above) and Berry Pop (shown above). They're £16.50 and available online or at any Clinique counter. 

    I already know these will be a Spring staple for me. 

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  • 04/10/14--05:00: VLOG: 1 WEEK, 7 HIGHLIGHTS

  • I'm switching up my upload days, so from now on you should see either a vlog/tag or some kind of video on Thursday (7am UK time) and a proper main video on Sunday (10am UK time). 

    I hope you like this vlog, instead of just filming the weekend I filmed one bit of every single day last week including my ice skating lesson!


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  • There's something incredibly classy about matte eyeshadows so I opt for the matte lid look most days. I also find them easier to wear and pair with blush and lipsticks but there's definitely a few tips I can pass on to help with applying them. Some matte shadows can apply more powdery and can also be harder to blend so hopefully my 5 tips will help you achieve a perfectly blended matte lid look...

    Starting with a good base is essential when using matte shadows and by this I don't just mean a lid primer. Sometimes primers can create a sticky base which will make the shadow cling in patches and that's not what you want. Whether you apply a primer first or not, always follow with a skin/bone tone matte eyeshadow and blend it over the entire lid up to the brow. You can also use a translucent powder and this which will create a smooth, soft workable base that will make blending matte eyeshadows easier. 

    Make sure your eye brushes are clean before starting. The softer and fluffier the brush, the easier it'll be to apply and blend the shadows. 

    Matte eyeshadows tend to be more powdery so after sweeping the brush in the shadow, tap off the excess onto the back of your hand so when you go to apply it, you don't get a harsh mark where there was too much product.

    When applying the shadow, use a very light hand, slowly and gradually building up the shadow. 

    Apply your eyeshadow exactly where you want it, like you are mapping out your lid. Then take a very soft blending brush and blend away. The blending process can take a while but be patient, the more you blend the more professional it will look. You don't want there to be any harsh lines around the edge so keep blending away. 

    Let me know how you get on with your matte eyeshadow look! 

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  • 04/11/14--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    Did anyone else watch Anna's vlog and then automatically search through your foundation drawer for NARS Sheer Glow? It looked amazing on and I forgot how much I loved it. After finding two shades in my drawer, Fiji and Santa Fe, I realised neither were a perfect match. I popped into Space NK and picked up the shade Deauville, which is perfect for me. I've been wearing it everyday this week and I love the natural glow it gives. An old favourite that's now back in my everyday makeup routine. 

    LIFE //
    If you watched my vlog this week you'll know that I spent last Saturday at the London Coffee Festival. It was such a great day, even for non-coffee lovers like me! There were loads of stands for coffee, food and even clothes & accessories! It was based in Brick Lane so it was great to make a day of it. I'd definitely recommend getting tickets early and going next time it's on! 

    EATS //
    Following on from my Green Juice post on Wednesday, I wanted to share a fruit smoothie recipe I've been loving this week. Banana, strawberries, kiwi and greek yoghurt - delicious! Let me know any good recipes you have for blended drinks, I'm obsessed!

    Have a great weekend! 

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  • 04/12/14--23:00: MODELS OWN BEACH BAG

  • Is it just me or does everyone have that one bright coloured top they bought one Summer years back that they can't throw away because it looks so good with a tan?

    There are a lot of colours that look great with a tan but my personal favourite is the muted neon coral, I think it's so flattering. Model's Own have just launched a collection of nail polishes that do just that, they bring out the colour of your tan and make your hands look great. 

    My favourite from the collection is 'Beach Bag'. It's bright, but not the sort of bright neon that's obnoxious. I know it's going to be a Summer staple for me, especially on holiday! 

    What do you think of this shade?

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  • 04/13/14--05:00: SPRING CHEEKS, LIPS & TIPS

  • For those of you who noticed Thursday's scheduling fail, welcome back to this post. This time the video will actually work and be ready on the right day - hopefully!

    I've been holding off making Spring videos, because for me Spring doesn't officially start until April when the evenings are finally brighter and the sun makes an occasional appearance. 

    For today's video I'm chatting about some new launches in the blusher, lipstick and nail department. There are some really exciting things launching for Spring and coral lovers beware, there are some gorgeous coral bits coming onto counter! 

    I hope you enjoy this video and leave any Spring video requests in the comments! 

    ps. I'm going to be in Italy for a meetup at the end of the month, so watch the video to find out more info! 

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  • 04/13/14--23:00: PURSE FRIENDLY LIP GLOSS

  • There are some high end lip glosses that I really do love, but for me lip gloss is one of those things that's not really worth splurging on. There are some great drugstore lip glosses available, you just have to know where to look. 

    So I've done all the swatching, sticky testing and rummaging through the stock drawers for you to get it down to a small edit of my favourite purse friendly lip glosses. These all have great, moisturising formulas with absolutely no stickiness and decent colour payoff. I'm personally a fan of doe-foot applicators and stay well away from the little brushes that always fray after a few uses. 

    What's your favourite affordable lip gloss?

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  • 04/14/14--23:00: 10 THINGS TO TRY IN SPACE NK

  • We all know by now that Space NK is one of my absolute favourite places to shop. Their handpicked selection of brands is unbeatable and the atmosphere in store is so calming. 

    Space NK are currently running a promo code where you can receive £10 off your order when you spend over £40 online, so I thought I'd jot down what I consider to be the top 10 things to try from Space NK. Enter 'DISCOVER20' at the checkout and as usual, sorry for the enabling!

    Great for those who have a lot of makeup to take off in the evenings. With only two pumps of this oil you can remove all your eye and face makeup - it's magic! 

    I love both of these cleansing balms and would highly recommend either of them as your main cleanser in the evening. Balm cleansers are really moisturising for the skin, remove your makeup well and you only need a pea sized amount so they last a long time. 

    This is my can't live without hair product that adds volume and texture with only a couple of sprays. 

    A skin-like concealer that also brings it when it comes to coverage. The doe-foot applicator makes it really easy to apply and the creamy formula won't look cakey at all on the skin.

    This is my pick for tinted moisturiser as it's slightly more coverage than the usual so it applies like a foundation, lasts on the skin well but also feels light enough to wear in the warmer months. It comes in a huge range of shades and in a very handy tube too! 

    I've never found another powder contour shade that works as well on my skin tone as this one. There is no trace of orange to be found so you can sculpt your cheekbones, temples, jawline and nose and end up with a defined, camera-ready contour. 

    These are super quick to apply, they have extreme colour payoff and the matte formula means they last all day and night even when eating and drinking. Red Square is a beautiful orangey red and would be my top pick from the bunch!

    These cream eyeshadow sticks are beautiful in every way. They're great for on-the-go as they are easy to apply, the formula is creamy and easy to blend but also sets in place. I also find they're a good size to apply under the eye so I often use this to top up my makeup for a night out. Pricey, but worth it. 

    You know when the sun just randomly decides to make an appearance and you haven't had time to fake tan? This is when the This Works Perfect Legs comes in handy. It has the texture of a serum but applies with a natural tint that takes the edge off any pasty pins. It never leaves streaks or stains my hands, so it's the perfect instant tan for me. 

    This is probably the most recent discovery from this list but one I now can't live without. The Ambient Lighting Blushers are the perfect hybrid of blush and highlight. They leave a flush of sheer colour to the cheeks whilst also adding a pretty glow. Definitely something worth trying out! 

    Check back tomorrow for my Superdrug Top 10 buys post! 


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    Following on from yesterday's post on my top 10 things to try in Space NK, today I'm taking it down notch and talking about the more affordable buys available in Superdrug. It's impossible to get it down to my top 10, but I've given it a go by just writing down the first 10 that spring to mind. 

    A recent discovery that I wrote about in this post and compared to the Chanel Christmas palette. It has a great selection of wearable shades and it's a complete bargain! 

    Finally Tanya's range has launched in stores which is really exciting. I'd definitely recommend checking out the lip glosses if your local store stocks them. 

    This always pops up when I talk about cream blushers as it's such a great one! The packaging is cheap and really unglamorous but the formula is spot on. You can pat it onto the cheek easily, it leaves a beautiful flush of colour and works really well for the Summer. 

    If you like easy to wear, moisturising lipsticks then these will be right up your street! My two favourite shades? Wild About Ginger and Notting Hill Nude. 

    I couldn't live without this little pink pot, it's genius! You simply dip your finger in and it swipes off all of your nail polish without having to faff about with cotton wool. I go through these very regularly. 

    The idea of loose pigments does my head in, but these pressed pigment shadows are so amazing. You hardly need any product on the brush and colour payoff is insane! I don't think I'll ever make a dent in them.

    It looks like a lipgloss but it's actually a liquid eyeshadow and it works great as a base before powder shadows or just by itself. I think this wins the award for longest lasting shadow in my collection! 

    Another new favourite of mine and a great dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. It's not too glowy but still looks really skin-like. 

    It was tough to pick between this and The Rocket, but both are really great mascaras for giving length and volume with a super black finish. 

    You've heard me talking about these hundreds of times. Long lasting, gel finish and they come in some great shades! 

    Happy shopping! 

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  • 04/16/14--23:00: DO YOU CO-WASH?

  • I mentioned the new Ojon conditioner in my March favourites video but somehow it slipped through the blog post net. I've been using this all month and I'm nearly all out, but I'm aware that I'm using it wrong... 

    The Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner (available from 16th April) was actually created to be used for co-washing. What's co-washing you ask? It's a new way of washing your hair that gives you healthier locks by using less harsh shampoos. The idea is to use this cleansing conditioner alone for every other wash. It is supposed to cleanse and condition all in one and I agree, it does do that. The thing with my hair though is that I usually wait until it's really greasy to wash it and by that point I need a serious shampoo session to make it feel clean. 

    I have however been using this as my conditioner after shampooing and it is amazing. There's something about it (probably the coconut and ojon oil ingredients) that leaves my hair feeling incredibly clean but also so so soft. My hair has never felt healthier so this one has gone straight to the top of my recommendation list! 

    For those of you who wash your hair more regularly this is a great way to give your hair a break from harsh shampoos whilst still having a fresh, clean finish when you're done. 

    So have you tried co-washing yet? 

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  • 04/17/14--05:00: Q&A with Rich

  • I managed to rope Rich in for another video and we asked all of you on Twitter to ask us some questions. It's a very chilled video but I hope you enjoy watching it anyway! 

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  • 04/17/14--23:00: STRESSED BUT WELL DRESSED

  • Last week I spent one full in day in central London. I had a few meetings and I also had a drink with Niomi which was so lovely - babe alert! I knew the weather would be nice so I wanted to dress a bit Spring-like... I may have gone a bit overboard. When I put the outfit together I thought it was way too over the top but then I just decided, what the heck, do I really care?!

    I'm still so in love with my Zara clutch bag and I managed to fit everything I needed for the day inside including my Canon EOSM camera - amazing! I'm glad I picked up the white Leigh Topshop jeans in the end because I think I'll wear them a lot this Summer. My shirt is from Zara quite recently and I like the two tone effect. I think it's another option for those of us who like the cropped top look but wouldn't dare actually wear one. It gives a cropped effect but is also just a comfortable long, loose shirt. The nail polish is Models Own Beach Bag, which I raved about here, the sunnies are Ray Ban and my shoes are the mono white Converse

    So what do you think? Chic or too over the top?

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  • 04/18/14--23:00: WEAR LIFE EATS

  • WEAR //
    Scary, I know. This week I tried out the Sarah Chapman 3D Moisture Infusion mask and despite my bad track record with sheet masks I actually really enjoyed this one. It fit well onto my face and did exactly what it says on the tin, "hydrates, plumps and soothes". These are available from this month and will be £39 for a pack of 4. My tip? Warn your boyfriend before walking back into the bedroom, I nearly gave mine a heart attack.

    LIFE //
    You may have already heard about my little trip at the end of this month, but if you missed my announcement, me and Anna are going to Milan! We're going to be attending Itatube and will also be there for a bit of time before and after to enjoy Milan (and all the yummy food!). We'd love to meet some of you at Itatube and maybe we'll do a little meetup outside too? Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date and find out more about Itatube and info on who else will be there.

    EATS //
    You know when you walk past a restaurant a million times and never get to actually go? Well I finally went to mine. East Street is a Fresh Pan Asian market-style restaurant in Central London on Rathbone Place (just by Tottenham Court Road). It combines meals from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Korea. The interior reminded me so much of Thailand with the plastic baskets on the table filled with sauce and the neon lights and stacked shelves. I went for the bargain lunch meal deal and had a Pad Thai and Summer Rolls. It was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to go back and try more dishes. I'd 100% recommend you go if you're in Central London. It's a place I reckon not many people know is there, but it's a gem and something completely different from a boring sandwich shop. 

    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend if you're in the UK! Lets cross our fingers for sunshine. 

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